Sure bet

Sure bet

The sure bet strategy is almost the same as the arbitrage strategy. You win in any case via a sure bet for sure as the name talks itself. It is based on following bookmakers odds and finding out a possible outcome over %100 outcome.

Sometimes some of the bookmakers offer mad offers for a team and the others offer low odds for the same team. Take a look at an example.

Sure Bet Example

Bookmaker A offers:

Game - Trabzon vs Rize
Home Win - 1.50
Draw - 3.75
Away Win - 4.75

Bookmaker B offers:

Game - Trabzon vs Rize
Home Win - 1.75
Draw - 3.20
Away Win - 4.00

Bookmaker C offers:

Game - Trabzon vs Rize
Home Win - 1.35
Draw - 3.50
Away Win - 7.00 **

We see Trabzon v Rize game offers from Bookmaker A, B, and C above. Bookmaker A offers the best for Draw, Bookmaker B offers the best for Home Win and Bookmaker C offers the best for Away Win.

Home Win: 1.75
Draw: 3.75
Away Win: 7.00

We need a short calculation. We want to win 100$ and lets calculate:

Home: 100$ / 1.75 = 57.14$ must be wagered to win 100$
Draw: 100$ / 3.75 = 26.67$ must be wagered to win 100$
Away: 100$ / 7.00 = 14.28$ must be wagered to win 100$

Total wagered money: 57.14$ + 26.67$ + 14.28$ = 98.09$

Finally, we staked 98.09$ to win 100$ in any case. It does not matter the game ends to tie, home win or away win. Our profit is 1.91$. It means a %1.94 profit of the total wagered money.

As you can see above, sure bet offers you profit in any case. However, you have to follow the odds and know the limits of your bookmakers.

Your profit must be more than the fees you pay for money transfers or taxes.