Nigeria vs Argentina

Nigeria reacted really well in the second round after their starting defeat against Crotia. Especially well they played in the second halftime after Iceland created couple of decent in the first part of the clash. Development of the game went onto their side as Musa score the opening goal in fourth minute of the second halftime.

Iceland risked more, but they only got into trouble as Nigerians used pace of their offensive players really well. Musa scored second in 75th minute which is one of the finest goals so far in the competition, while Iceland missed a penalty kick few minutes before the full time whistle.

Nigerians now need a draw here, providing that Iceland will not beat Croatia (who are supposed and already confirmed that they will rest some of star players) with more than two goals difference. In order to be safe, they need a victory but no doubt that this will not be their primary target from the early phase into the match.

Musa and Iheanacho should lead the attack of Nigerian squad. Their coach Gernot Rohr moved to a three man defense and should continue with that option in a version similar to 3-5-2 formation.

After quite disappointing 1:1 draw in the competition opener against Iceland, Argentinians have gone from poor to poorer suffering defeat against Croatia 0:3 last Thursday evening. They tried to do something more via possession but lacked real chances while the Croats tried to threaten via bit of counter attacks in first halftime that ended without goals.

Everything change in the second part when Argentinian goalkeeper Caballero made a huge mistake which led to Rebic bringing the Croats into the lead. They had even more ball possession, but everything was in vain.

As the time progressed, South Americans looked more and more nervous and couldn't do much with their neurological movement on the field. Modric and finally Rakitic in last ten minutes sealed their destiny with a 3:0 victory.

In order to progress or keep the chances high during the evening, Argentina needs to get a victory here. In case Iceland takes the lead against Croats, it will be a signal for the Argentinians that they can't progress with a narrow victory here.

Messi, Higuain and Di Maria are set to lead Argentinian squad. After their defeat against Croats, Sampaoli is expected to move to a 4-3-3 setup. Some major changes are pretty much expected.

  • Nigeria have seen over 2.5 goals in their last 4 matches against Argentina in all competitions.

After Argentina has hit a rock bottom against Croatia and probably even thought that they are eliminated, I can see their situation only becoming better. Coach Sampaoli seems to have lost credibility and media rumors that the players will decide the formation, tactics and the lineup doesn't seem to be far away from the truth.

Nigeria surely has their potential and a chance here, but either Argentinian plan will work or not (defeat). Under such circumstances, I'm leaning towards their part of the job in order to stay in Russia being done properly. Looking at nations importance in commercial football, this does seem like a decent value bet.

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Nigeria vs Argentina prediction

Argentina -1.5 Asian handicap @ 2.58 with Pinnacle

Result: 1-2 (lost)
 * Odds as of post published time and are subject to change.
+54 -106


  1. Larry says:

    Av got another feeling, folks -its possible. 3:1 to Argentina .

  2. bigemmax says:

    Isaiah, for predicting my country will be eliminated, you losing streak has just began

  3. Cousin4 says:

    Black magic, dolls, pins, voodoo, bones, dead frogs and things like that? LoL. And then you are wondering why Europeans calling you brainless nation.

  4. Siskid says:

    Draw or GG

  5. Owowoezemwa says:

    Isaiah its the end of your good streak Nigeria will qualify mark my words…….

  6. Isaiah says:

    I do not care for my streak and for nationalistic thoughts. If you followed me, I usually go with the value. The value here is with Argentina. I know they are a mess right now and this bet is risky. But the quality is with their side. Now if Nigeria qualifies, I don’t care. Every smart guy will come and say his own tales.

  7. Fairplaynaija says:

    LOL “Every smart guy will come and say his own tales.”

    That just settles it, really

  8. chocoluvgal says:

    This looks`like another twin stinker of Yesterdays`Spain versus Morrocco ..Horror results…..@Isaiah several contradictory end remarks there from your remark,have me thinking,….mmph,best skipping these your bet!
    1-“The value here is with Argentina,I know they`re a mess right now and that bet is risky“!!
    2-But the “quality is with their side“!
    3-If Nigeria qualifies….I dont`t care“

    Which would then mean…..
    Your bet let your followers down…
    …even as I say my tale…..
    Which I think is…..
    Not this bet.

  9. Ebi says:

    Argentina will finish where they are, bottom of the group.

  10. Joe says:

    Additional efforts of our last match pattern is all what we need today.

  11. Quadri says:

    GG and over 2.5

  12. Araimo says:

    Nigeria and Argentina are regular opponents in this competition, both teams need a win (or a draw for Nigeria) so i expect goals in the game.
    I predict an ov2.5 game

  13. Kenny says:

    As much as I have had no faith in the super eagles for a while now, Argentina are a big mess and I doubt they could beat Panama right now. If the eagles can get their defense right, Argentina would open up at the back as their midfield and defense is shit. Nigeria goes through anyways so I really wish you’d lose this one.


  14. Kamau says:

    Guys lets be sportpple. WC is emotional but allow rationale. Am 4 Nigeria but I see a draw.

  15. Football expert says:

    Then,this your prediction is your own tales. Please go ahead and put in a big Stake on Argentina winning by 2+ goals. You talked about commercial value when tickets at every stage of the competition has already been taken. Hmm, I guess it is because of country rating that spur your prediction but the Nigeria team is not that naive to the fact that they will be playing a superior team . Iran nearly put up an upset yesterday against Portugal. Though I am a Nigerian, sentiment apart, I see a full time draw here. In the meantime, good luck to you

  16. Campionidelmondo says:

    Nigerians commenting on football predictions, pretending they know something about football… This is hilarious, the world is turning upside down

  17. odumi kenneth says:

    @compiondelmondo is that suppose to be a rascist comment Bcos i see no relativity between football and when next you feel like typing please try using ur brain..thanks

  18. Demogorgon says:

    Another thing worth to be mentioned is that the referee will be Cüneyt Çakır!
    Those that know him understand that he might be on a mission again…..

  19. Football expert says:

    you are nothing but a racist, I think you’re suffering from colour mental problem and I wish you quick recovery.

  20. Isaiah says:

    Comments are closed.