Colombia vs England

Colombia were the victims of how their first opening game at World Cup against Japan developed. However, everything improved for them as the competition continued and they managed to get the first position in their group in the end.

After that starting defeat against Japan, the side recorded very impressive performance and victory over Polish national team with a 3:0 result. Finally, they sealed the first position in the group with a narrow 1:0 three pointer against Senegal last Thursday afternoon.

Only goal was scored in 74th minute via Mina in a game where they had more of the ball possession and looked like controlling the ball better, but Senegalese had their chances too. In the end Colombia ended up having two points more than Japan and Senegal and three more than fourth placed Poland.

Offensive James Rodriguez is highly doubtful with an injury here. As well as midfielder Abel Aguilar who played only thirty minutes in the last round. Falcao should be leading their attack. Muriel, Cuadrado and Quintero should be offensive support.

England, on the other side, did well in the group stage with two starting victories over Panama and Tunisia. The side secured the knockout stage with these two wins, while their third round game against Belgium only determined who's gonna progress from first and second position.

In the end both teams fielded quite rotated squad with the English manager Southgate even saying that they did want to end up second in the group. The game wasn't that interesting as neither of the teams wanted to risk more and actually looked like trying to preserve energy as well. Only goal was scored by Januzaj in 51st minute of the match with nice individual effort.

Overall the game was quite passive and neither of the teams showed much. Kane will be their lone striker, leading the attack together with Lingard and Sterling acting as offensive midfielders. John Stones is doubtful with a calf problem.

England could be narrow favorites here in case James Rodriguez doesn't play, but even so I don't agree with the current odds. We've already seen that the Colombians are moving the ball really well in the midfield section and even though the English side showed some of the quality till now - it was against below pair Tunisia and Panama. Value is with Colombia this time.

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Colombia vs England prediction

Colombia 0 Asian handicap @ 2.89 with Pinnacle

Result: 1-1 (draw)
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+72 -31


  1. Larsson says:

    Agree completely. Can’t understand how Colombia is priced here. Should be very even odds in my eyes maybe with England as a slight favourite due to the uncertainty of James. 53%-47% to advance here in England’s favour. Will not be a walk in the park for England, that’s for sure …

  2. innn says:

    wrong without james england os the one to qualify

  3. regulardude says:

    England to qualify. 0-2 fulltime. Kane & Rashford to score.
    Columbia has yet to play against good teams that are really in form.

  4. Hitting the post on an empty net, again says:

    Come on, Colombia has lost against Japan, that is a very limited team… Ok, it was in ten men, but ten men are enough in football at least to snatch a draw if there’s a clear quality gap on the pitch. This could the right year for England, the team is playing well, Kane seems unstoppable, Premier League is the most competitive tournament in the world… They must reach at least the semifinals with this schedule.

  5. campionidelmondo says:

    The team is playing well against whom? Premier league is the most competitive league in the world thanks to foreign managers…England : World Cup = Huddersfield : Premier League

  6. Bannion says:

    Japan, a limited team? They almost trashed Belgium. Colombia was against them most of the game with ten man. There is a lot of talent in Japan.

    I have hard times to see how this game will end, but I wouldn’t say Colombia is a bad team. Actually I think Japan might have knocked out England. This will be a closer game.

  7. Keep your tips for yourself says:

    I understand that every English fan’s eye starts twitching when someone predicts their team’s failure, but c’mon guys, lets be realistic here.

    Colombia stood strong with 10 men against Japan.. Yes, that Japan who almost sent Belgium home.. then mopped the floor with Poland, and kept the game (and a very compact Senegalese team) under control.

    Now, England. A very, very narrow win against a faint Tunisia with a goal that has been found at the last minute.. Kane’s head somehow got into the ball’s way. (The same Tunisia that struggled against Panama, btw)

    After, they’ve beaten the shit out from poor little Panama and then celebrated themselves like they won the World Cup..

    Ultimately, they either a) couldn’t score against Belgium’s B squad, or b) didn’t intend to score in order to go down the seemingly easier path. Not sure which one is more shameful. Anyway..

    It is the English side who is yet to face a good team and show what they’re really capable of.

    Not saying they can’t win, as it has been said so many times before in this WC anyone can beat anyone, but it will be a tough game and the value is clearly with Colombia here.

    I should have stock up thousands of pocket tissues, I might make a fortune on them tomorrow selling them to my beloved Brits..

  8. Odiche cosmas says:

    Both team to score goal

  9. Eric Lee says:

    Both team is in good form, any match sure having winner and looser. Base on Asia handicap 0-0.5, I would say Columbia will be the winner tonight.
    Draw in 45 minutes
    Both team score in 2nd half, maybe 1 goal lead by Columbia or draw again in 90 minutes.
    Columbia will win in extra times

  10. Roimer says:

    5-1 / 4-2 England, lots of goals, but winner is sure.

  11. nanmell says:

    Hi Isaiah, as long as what i remember that you follow the Denmark super L. can you please give your idea about the first and second team of the last year.. how they are improving? thanks

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