Muguruza vs Halep (By: Stanioooo)

SF match in Roland Garros between N3 seeded Garbine Muguruza and N1 seeded Simona Halep.

I will start that this should be the final in Paris, they are the best in the tournament so far and practically this is the final before the big final. I doubt the winner of this match will have much problems against Keys or Stephens in the final, so they have to play at their max here to progress. It won't be an easy match for both of them and three sets are absolutely possible here, but that won't be my pick, because I don't know what's happening at this tournament, but always chose over in a match, where one of the players have physical problem and it goes to a straight set win like Djokovic-Verdasco when Verda had a problem with his foot, Zverev-Thiem, when Zverev was also injured, but decided to finish the match.. I have to say that I was on the verge of playing Muguruza-Sharapova-Muguruza+over 2.5 sets, but in the last minute decided just to pick Muguruza going with my gut. Now it says the same again with the feeling it will be a 3-set match..maybe this time it will happen, but will go with Muguruza and there are a few reasons to do it once again.

Garbine wasn't performing well on clay after the end of the hard-court season with two early exits and with negative stats 2 wins/3 losses before RG. But what's going on in Paris? Muguruza looks totally reborn and with an eager to win against everyone on her way to the title. Finally I see the player and performance she showed during 2016 when she got the trophy in Paris. She is so accurate from the baseline playing deeply with really strong shots. Her aggression and accuracy were the key to win so easy against Sharapova in the QFs and in the 1/8 finals against Stosur giving them absolutely no chances. Her service also works really good and I think it will give her the advantage tomorrow against Simona. I know that Simona never gives up, she tries to catch every single ball, no matter if it's out of her reach and somehow she will have to deal with Muruguza's aggression and accuracy. I really dont know how she will do it right now against the Spaniard in such a brilliant form. Muguruza is much more aggressive and confident than Kerber in Paris and I wasn't impressed at all by Halep against Kerber today. Her start was so slowly being 4:0 down, but steadily started to find her rhythm and turned the match. If she did the same tomorrow against Garbine, she will be finished really fast like Sharapova, because the Spaniard just need the spark to explode on the court.

H2H Muguruza leads 3:1 with only one match on clay in Stuttgart 2015, where Halep won in three sets after comeback. In all of their matches Simona was bookies' favorite and lost 3 of them on hard courts, especially the last one in Cincinnati's final 2017 winnign just one game. Of course, it won't happen such a scenario here, that's for sure.

To sum up, there are three main reasons which make me believe Muguruza will progress to the final. Firstly, the match will be played in perfect conditions at Philippe Chatrier court. Garbine has told and written in posts a few times she loves to play on this court, it's inspiring for her and she prefers to play there in comparison with Suzanne Lenglen. Secondly, she didn't drop a single set so far and she performs better and better during the tournament. If somehow she finds a way to beat Halep in straight sets tomorrow, I will play her to win in straight sets in the final for sure.Infact that's not impossible when we see that all Halep's losses on clay this season were in straight sets. Thirdly and most important- finally I see Muguruza at her best. This is even better copy of the player she was in Roland Garros 2016.

With impressive last match against Halep in Cincinnati, amazing current form, while Halep doesn't look so convenient right now after what we saw against Kerber today, I have full confidence in Garbine Muguruza. This will be the biggest test for both of them, that's why I wrote it's a final before the real final. In my eyes the chances before the final are 60:40 for the Spaniard.

PS: I know Romanians will downvote this pick a lot of times, I'm ok with that, because their player reaches the SF in Grand Slam. That's amazing, but when we are betting, we have to avoid the fact that our compatriot is on the court for example. Most of the times that dazzles us and we can't take the right decision, because we want our player to win. It can happen, of course, but the Spaniard to progress is much more possible for me.

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Muguruza vs Halep predictions

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Comments (7)
I saw you before that you are convinced others are dazzled because they are fans and compatriots. It was a prejudgement you used in order to deny people's reasons.

I wanted to tell you, then, that we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. I kept it for me, though, as I saw you taking things rather personal than rational and I thought it would not be of help to discuss anymore.
Then I saw your bet on Dimitrov and I laughed ... seeing exactly what you keep on throwing on others ... could you be dazzled by being fan and compatriot? Or it would be safer to take it as a bad bet and move on? I chose the second one.

It guess if you could stop judging nations and projecting on others what maybe you think it would be helpful.
It's ok if you do. It's ok if you don't.

The Romanian here would love to see Halep in the final yet he thinks Muguruza is the favourite of the tournament right after seing her in the match against Stosur, 5 days ago. Some might think I saw her in beast mode just because she ruined my bet on the over. Was my bet on her just luck in the next matchup?
I will upvote your pick. Because I'mupvoting the picks, not the tipster, if you know what I mean. As I told you before is not about Bulgarians, Romanians or other nations, despite how much politicians and society would like for us to think in order for them to control our emotions.

Best of luck!
06/07/2018 - 02:46
There are 2 reasons to dislike your pick, non of them because I'm Romanian (even in I am and I do follow and appreciate your previous in general):
- Halep is my favorite for the title. This was your first comment yesterday on Halep Kerber preview. What changed?
- you cannot measure such a game only from Muguruza's best form when Halep played that well yesterday.

Best of luck anyway.
06/07/2018 - 04:34
Hi mate, i also don't understand your comment about romanians down voting your pick. First af all not sure why would you care. You should only care about getting it wrong. How about the spaniards voting green by the way? Otherwise it's a difficult mach to pick because even if Muguruza is a great attacking player, she can also make unforced errors if not on her best day. Plus Halep is a great defender and looks very confident this year even when under pressure.
06/07/2018 - 07:13

I know what I wrote yesterday, Simona was my favorite for the title before the QF matches. Now the situation changes a little bit after what I saw in both of these matches Kerber-Halep and Muguruza-Sharapova. These big matches can make you think once again about who's the real favorite to win RG. Before QFs I really thought Simona's chances are the biggest, maybe 60%, 35% for Muguruza and 5% for one of the Americans. Now the things have changed a little, but it would be a really close match, just thought twice about the possible winner here and in the tour.

Romanians here are much more than the Spaniards, that's why I was sure it will be downvoted a lot, but you are right, I have to care only to be green one, no matter what's the number on downvotes.

I admit the fact that sometimes I decide to play Grigor, but it's not only because of the fact he's my compatriot. I really believe he is possible to win it against opponent, who's not in form on paper or Grigor has better stats H2H...but that not dazzle my eyes. I also play against him when I see his opponent is in better momentum form or has bad H2H like Dimitrov-Nishikori for example. I think Dimitrov will progress as form during the grass season because he proved he can play fantastic on it, but that doesn't mean I will play every single match of him. I will try to choose them wisely and can play even against him if he faced difficult opponent on his way.
Thanks for the upvote, I appreciate that, because you are tipster like me, you can think about what's really going on with the players, their performances and current form, while a lot of people go in this site just to check and pick something to play without much knowledge. For example, Greek, Romanian, Serbian, etc goes in this site, sees my pick for Muguruza and the fact I'm Bulgarian playing against Romanian and downvotes the pick immediately maybe because he/she thinks I envy, hate or something like that..that's not the
06/07/2018 - 10:10
I wouldn't be concern about upvotes or downvotes.
For my picks, as an example, the ones who are massively downvoted are the easiest wins, all the time. There are years since I keep wondering on this coincidence :))
Also I see downvotes appearin after the tip is already a winner :))
The latest was only two days ago, coming after Halep was being up 6:2, 3:1 and was just rolling.
So, why would you even look at the votes if they come that stupidly?
06/07/2018 - 10:45
I don't know, maybe the downvotes bother and confuse other users who see the pick more than me.. Of course when I see a pick with 20 upvotes and 2/3 downvotes will give me much more confidence to play it together with good preview than a pick like this one with more downvotes than upvotes which happened because of the facts I mentioned..

Maybe I have to stop worrying so much about these upvotes and downvotes, but as I said a long time ago..really prefer to receive a comment what bothers the user and what's the reason for the downvote- preview written in bad language like the one we commented a few days ago with you :DD or bad arguments and missed info..Even tipsters can miss some important facts which are useful for or against the tip. I never downvote a tip without reason, just because I don't think the same and maybe I played the opposite, really want others to do the same and stop downvoting just because they played the opposite and that's their only reason, it's not serious!
06/07/2018 - 11:05
No that's the only downvote you should care about ... S1mo's downvote :)
06/07/2018 - 16:10
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