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The National Basketball Association or NBA is leading professional basketball league in Northern America for men, consisting of thirty teams - twenty nine from United Stated and one from Canada.

The NBA is one of four most important professional sports league in the North America, while their basketball players are considered to be the world's best paid athletes by average annual salary per player. It is widely considered as the best basketball league in the World.

Regular season

All the teams being their training camps at the end of September each year, which allow the teams to evaluate players and determine their roster for the regular season.

During that period, pre-season matches are held in non-NBA cities, as well as overseas. Regular part of NBA season starts in the last week of October.

During it, each teams plays 82 games, 41 home and away. Teams are divides into two conferences which consist of three divisions with five teams in each conference.

NBA playoffs

The NBA playoffs start in late April, with the top eight teams starting their run towards the final title in each conference.

Seeds are awarded in order determined by regular season record, while every game is played in best-of-seven series with the first team who wins four games advances into the next round.

The final playoff round, a best of seven series between the winners of both conferences, is known as the NBA finals and is held at the beginning of June.

The winner of the NBA Finals wins the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. Boston Celtics are leading the all time NBA table with seventeen titles at the moment.

NBA betting options

Picking a winner in NBA matches is the most popular pick to the players' parlays.

However, with the popularity growing between bettors, some other options are emerging as well.

Spread betting

A bettor makes a wager having handicap points added on either of the sides.

It's a typical handicap wager like what we see in soccer and other sports, where a bettor predicts if the team will cover the advantage points given by the bookies or not. You will see this market selected frequently in our users' picks.

Total points betting

A bettor predicts if the game will end with more or fewer points than what the bookmakers margin is.

It's exactly the same as over/under betting in football, baseball or tennis.

Props market

Player's performances or props market is becoming famous within bettors.

It can give additional advantage to the ones who know status of the players and can evaluate their match-ups correctly.

Whether it's about players' points, assists, rebounds or succesful 3 points shots made or free throws made, we recommend you betting with Bet365 due to above average limits in the industry.