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Finland Cups 6th round is going to continue today with four games, but there is not so much to offer for bets, besides Ilves-IFK Marienhamn. This game is between two League teams with different basis while IFK has been favorite to finish top3 in Finland for several years now and Ilves has promoted from 1th division to Veikkausliiga for this season. There is not so big home advantage in this game because the fields in Tampere are not in condition yet, so the is played in Valkeakoski, Tehtaankenttä. This turf is Fc Hakas home-field until the grass-fields are in-shape.

Ilves has played, after the cabinet promotion, Leaguecup like anyother League team too at the winter. In those games they were surprisingly good, mayby because of the influence of the new coach Keith Armstrong, who is an experienced and skillful coach. After Ilves League start was re-scheduled they played a training game against VPS last weekend. VPS won the game 1-2, but was helped by Emenikes redcard. Start of the game was difficult for VPS while Ilves started with aggression and they were giving pressure to VPS deep in their own half, so VPS couldn't open their game so easily. After the red card VPS was able to take ball control about 90% and there was nothing to say with Ilves after that. Ilves is a bit two-sided team, they have some really good players, but then there is players who doesn't deserve to be in the Veikkausliiga team. This is mostly because it was so late when they got the information for promotion, so there was limited amount of time and money to build the team. One of their best players Jonne Hjelm, even he is only half-professional at the moment, he has a job from 8-16 and after that he plays football.

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Biggest problem with Ilves besides the limited material is the lack of midfield, there is no depth in midfield so too often they fall in to long balls, so the midfield doesn't even get involved in the game. There is Jussi Kujala, Toni Petrescu who should be dominating but seems like Kujala is slowing down with the age and when they are able to play towards him, he is too alone. Ilves chances is laying in good defense and if that fails they are going to be in big problems. They have recently signed two new players to get more depth and quality to the team and there is a chance that we see at least one of them at the field today, both Antti Mäkijärvi and Omar Khary has signed a one year deal with the club.

IFK Marienhamn is coming from League start against FF Jaro. They failed to win this away game while Jaro snitched a point in the 1-1 draw. The biggest talks from the game still wasn't about the result. The main thing after the game was Jaros Jamar Dixons awful sliding tackle against Petteri Forsell. That ended Forsell's game and in a bad luck whole season while hes knee ligaments were injured badly. This is a huge setback for IFK and to whole League because Forsell is one of the most skill-full and entertaining players out there. Still even that IFK lost their star player, they still can fight for the Cup and even for the top3 place in the league. There is enough skill-full players in the squad. As coach Pekka Lyyski has announced that in Jaro game Forsell didn't even played at his own place, he was playing 10 instead of attacking winger. And for 10 they have few good options; young Robin Sid has been training to be Forsells follower if Petteri is leaving to abroad in the middle of season.

Also there is Diego Assis who has attributes to be one of the elite players. Also Brian Span can play in the middle or as a winger, so there is quality players to cover Forsells injury. IFKs most problems has been in the defense and they have been giving too much easy goals and now they must start to focus in that too. Attacking game has been in good level while one of the fastest strikers Dever Orgill is giving troubles to every defense line out there. Aleksei Kangaskokko is also that kind of striker, that IFK can expect some goals from him at the season.

Today I believe that IFK wants to get back on track after the draw against Jaro. Also they want to show that they can success without Forssel. Jani Lyyski should lead the defense in to the shape that they can trust it throw the season. Ilves is going to fight as an underdog, but still there is much more quality in the away team. Sure there is a small fear of the draw but while there is almost no home advantage (Valkeakoski is about 30km from Tampere), that should make the game easier for IFK and as the odds are 2.2, that is something worth of trying.

Bet: IFM Marienhamn to win @2.20 with Betsafe
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  1. vicked says:

    Short preview for the small stake must try bet;

    First round of Finlands third division, game between TKT and Loiske.

    Tkt has been a good 3th division side for a few years now. Usually they finish to top5 but dont fight for promotion, solid team you can say tought. There has been little movement with the squad but frame has been remaining as the same. There is little problems with strikers and left/right defenders, so i would say that they are not going to be as good as last few years.

    Loiske was relegated from 3th division after last year but when Tigers was forced to give up their 3th divisionplace, Loiske got a cabinet promotion back to 3th division at the winter. For a long time there was toughts that they arent going to do fine this year neither and will got relegated right away, but now they have been able to sign some really good 3th division players for them. 5starters from formal Tigers has joined the team and they got a farm deal with Ilves-Kissat from 2nd division, so that will bring one or few players for them already today.

    Must be sayed that Loiskes game isnt ready yet couse they have had only few trainings with the whole new squad, but now they are not as bad as odds tells. Small stake bet is something i have to try with the first official game of these two and when Loiske Dnb odds are as high as 7.00 ( its a must try.

  2. ChrsV says:

    Ilves-Mifk is likely to going to be BTTS. Thats my bet :)

  3. vicked says:

    thats not bad bet at all, i just couldnt skip that 2.2 odds for away win :)

  4. yulle says:

    Vicked, how much stakes u put in between 1-10?

  5. vicked says:

    It depends, what that day offers. today i have about something likethis; Marienhamn 4/10, and loiske dnb 1/10. and if both fails i still have left 5/10 from this daysroll and couse these are played quite early i can take losses back with the remaining 5/10 with Sevilla at the night etc. but like i sayed it depends on the day, even that how much is the dayroll. On better days it might be bigger and days that dont offer much, smaller. Most important thing is that you dont make any loss, small profit is still a profit :)

  6. Vicked says:

    But no worries, ifk did the job already.

  7. Vicked says:

    Loiske won also 0-1, hope you had guts to follow that one with huge odds!

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