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Hjk is hosting another promoted team Fc Ktp. These two has already met in the league cup and in those two games they played 0-0 and 2-2 draws. This time there should be different kind of story today when the real games has started and games maybe hasn’t gone so well with these two.

HJK can’t really be happy with their start of the season. After good 1-3 win in the first round against Rops away, they have been in some problems at the home field. Some says that reason is the new turf in the stadium, but that should be more advantage to them.. Anyway in last two games they have played two draws 1-1 against Fc Lahti and Hifk in the derby. Game against Hifk was really two sided in the start HJK hold the ball and were controlling the game completely and scored an early goal after some beautiful passing combinations and all was looking good for them. But then happened something, there was no will, looked some times that they weren’t serious and thought that they already won the game and then Hifk were able to get back in the game. If we move our thought’s in Europe and if HJK are willing to success in Europe, it should be important to get as much points as there is to take in the start of the season, so you can rest the best players in the league when you already have the difference in the table.

Hjk knows this and their game is going to be better and better with time but today there is points available which they should take. Hjk has conceded in every game so far and that is not something that we are used to, especially when they haven’t played against the biggest challengers yet. Of course there has been some injuries too, mainly the winger situation has been a problem but tonight it’s going to get easier while Demba Savage is full fit. Savage already played in cup game against Haka and scored twice, so he’s ready now. Formose Mendy also made his debut in the Haka game and we might see the formal Blackpool player in the field today. Nikolai Alho is only one who has been confirmed to be still injured. After Hifk game I’m waiting more from the playmaker Atom Tanaka, he had some vision but it still didn’t work as well as it should, maybe because they don’t read each other’s minds so well yet.

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Hjk’s starting eleven might look something like this:

Örlund – Sorsa, Heikkilä, Moren, Baah – Malolo, Schüller – Lod, Tanaka, Savage – Havenaar.

Fc Ktp is coming from 0-0 draw against another promoted team, Ilves. The game it’s self was quite even and home team Ilves had chances to take all the three points but Jonne Hjelm failed to score from penalty. All three of Ktp’s games has been low scoring while they have lost 0-1 to Kups and played draw 1-1 against Fc Lahti. Ktp is playing with great passion and they are not going to respect no one too much, they try to fight up and to play their own game. So far it has gone ok, while they have 2points from three games. In the end of the season Ktp is supposed to be fighting against relegation with Ilves, so it’s predicted that they will have a hard season in front of them. Even though their system has worked so far, but in some point it will show that there is not enough quality in the team for a long season. There is few players who can keep their level throw the whole season like; Ilari Äijälä, Tamar Gruborovic, Valeri Minkenen and few others but it’s not enough. Captain Minkenen is the soul of the Ktp and he’s playing style mirrors the whole teams style, he fight’s to the end and never left a situations unfinished, still he is versatile and got a very good shooting abilities.

Ktp’s starting lineup can be like:

Pyhäranta – Aspegren, A Lody, van Gelderen, Salonen – Minkenen, Oksanen, McFaul, Äijälä – Gruborovics, Kaivonurmi.

Today even though there has been problems with HJK’s game and Ktp has played quite well, keeping the games close and low scoring, i belief that when visitors are coming with attitude that they are not coming to just defense but try to control the ball and attack too, that will be advantage to Hjk. Hjk’s individuals has so much more quality and skill, so when the away team is trying to play also, home team should be able to overplay them quite easily. If they are able to keep up the good play what they showed in the start of the Hifk game. There should be openers in Ktp’s defense as much that Hjk will be able to score at least twice, there is a chance to over in this game even Ktp has played only unders, but I belief that the safest option will be Hjk-1 while if they this time can keep their sheet clean, correct score can be close in to 2-0 home win.

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