Sassuolo vs Crvena zvezda

Sassuolo made a great success last season when the team managed to reach the sixth position and earn their qualification for the Europa League qualifiers. Of course, the target for this one is to continue being close to the Italian top teams, but also to make something more meaningful in Europe and surely to reach the group stage of this competition. One of bigger problems could be that their domestic league is yet to start, so the team surely isn't in their top form.

The team did well during the friendly matches, getting four victories but also choosing to play against less quality sides. On the other hand, they played against Luzern in the third round and after a 1:1 draw on the road, took deservedly 3:0 victory in front of own fans and secured the ticket for the play-off stage. As for the transfer moves, the team did some things, however they came pretty late in comparison to this game, so it's not very easy to understand how they'll look like now on the field.

Winger Nicola Sansone and right back Sime Vrsaljko have left the club, while they brought central defender Timo Letschert from Utrecht and striker Alessandro Matri who played on loan to Lazio in previous season, but signed only two days ago and his participation isn't very likely, or at least, shouldn't be. In comparison to previous season, they won't be able to count at defender Terranova (6/0 in last season), midfielders Laribi (11/0 last season), Missiroli (24/2 last season) and Pellegrini (19/3 in last season).

Crvena zvezda, on the other side, started their season with quite high ambitions in Champions League qualifiers, but the reality was that they drop to Europa League qualifers and now try their destiny against a stronger side in the play-off round. They progressed over Maltese champions Valletta, but couldn't do more against Bulgarian side Ludogorets, exiting the competition after 4:4 aggregate result and a 2:0 loss in extra-time of the second leg at home.

Some decent offensive potential was obvious in these games, but at the same time defensive gaps that aren't easy to avoid for the side when playing against stronger European teams. As for the domestic league, the things have started to go in their favor and it seems that the team is catching decent form, coming from four straight victories, scoring at least three goals in each one of them. Currently, they are at first position with three points more than Vojvodina and maybe more importantly, six point lead in comparison to arch-rivals Partizan.

Guests can't count at offensive midfielder Kanga (2/0) who is suspended due red card given in the second leg against Ludogorets. Striker Orlandic is out due injury, but without performance this season and anyway surely not starting lineup material for the visitors.

It's not easy now to understand how Sassuolo will be playing, but one way or another, they surely aren't weaker than the Serbian side in front of own crowd and will be aiming to get a victory. On the other side, Serbs do have some chance but know that they need to play more offensive than what was their approach in Ludogorets. Such scenario should give us few goals in the game, since their own defense is far from perfect.

Bet: Both teams to score & Over 2.5 goals @ 2.25 with Bet365
Result: 3-0 (lost)
 * Odds as of post published time and are subject to change.
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  1. ultrasbets says:

    It was close. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. lamar says:

    The pick was perfect, i love the way you analyze.keep up the good work

  3. Miloš says:

    @lamar, what was perfect in this pick, tell me please.The guy obviously is a Red Star fan and as such can’t or wont to see facts on the realistic way. Let me tell you some facts about Red Star and about last night game. First of all, they have been without single goal chance, not even one threat for Sassuolo goal. On the other side, the Italian side should score at least 6 without exaggeration. Red Star looked as a side from some low division. In fact, it was not just yesterday, they are in general very weak. They should be out of Europe already in first round cause that team from Malta completely outplayed them. On Malta it was 1:2 but at 1:0 Valleta score regular goal (the ref said offside), then clear penalty for Malta at the start of second half, the ref said no. In Serbia in the second leg, dozens of great chances missed for Malta. Let’s go on the second qualifying round. Ludogores scored 6 goals against them. They should scored 10. Yes, Red Star scored 2 in each game, but they have funny penalty in one game and in both games one goal pure gift from Bulgarian goalkeeper.
    And the most funny is the Serbian league where Red Star fixed almost entire previous season. No one, or almost no one want to play honestly against them. When someone is honest, there are refs who will finish the job (like against Partizan when it was one of the biggest scandals and steals). Note i am not Partizan fan and i am not saying it was much different in the past during Partizan domination, but Partizan at least proved its quality in Europe with 9 group stage participation.
    So, the bottom line is that this is bad when someone give such bad pick when it was obvious that Red Star is crap team while Sassuolo is clear for couple level above. Yes, the lost couple players from previous season but it is pretty much the same squad who beat last season Lacio two times, Inter two times, Milan, even Juventus.
    All fact about Red Star are very well known for everyone in Serbia so it is not good when someone gives pick like that instead to say the real facts and thus to help people understand hoe safe home win was yesterday.

  4. DamirJ says:

    Need to react here. This is predicting site before the game and not “let me tell you some facts about last night game”. You know, when someone disagrees with your pick and the first line is ” he is a fan of xxx club” – then probably the guy disagreeing is a fan of the rivalry club. Didn’t bet as a fan, neither yesterday, neither against Ludogorets when I saw similar comments, neither when I was on the side of other Serbian clubs in past.

    You are hating that club and that’s just fine, your comments prove that. They scored some goals in previous matches which were pure gifts from opponent’s players, refeeres? Woah, tell me which club doesn’t score like that and what would football look like if there were no (pure) gifts/mistakes? So, when they score it’s about made up penalties, gifts etc, but when they concede it’s because they are crap team? Do you hear yourslef, we have whole conspiracy theory going on here. You’re hating that club and that’s fine, but as a Serb, even if remotely close to a bit anything to patriotic, you could see some things from a bit different angle, at least against Ludogorets cause obviously you watched both games really closely. You’re saying they conceded 6? But your are avoiding to say it was via extra-time and it was 4:4 on aggregate score… you see… it leaves better impression this way.

    You know, when some club takes the title with 28 points (28, not the mathemtical bul*shit they invented) – then well… they were better than the others? Much better? Don’t know, at least – less worse. So, why would you talk about Partizan at all? This round and this Summer was about Vojvodina and Crvena zvezda? Who cares about Partizan here for now, it’s a betting website. I’m writing this to show you that you’re the one who is looking the things from a “fan side”. Why would a club scoring a goal, theoretically speaking, would in any way be such a bad bet? Never said they can’t lose 5-1, 4-1, 10-1 if you like or so.

    In the end to you – I might have been biased with the quality of Serbian football cause I was close to write Vojvodina’s game the same/similar bet. And if you were speaking about low quality of Serbian football I would never react on that. However, throwing stones at one club and acusing me that I’m a fan of them and that that’s the reason why I took the bet (which was by the way to score a single goal) and justifying their rival club, that has no betting connection here whatsover… Sorry, but I’m not the one who is looking anything here from a “fan side”.

    As for this one, opted for this option and not for over 2.5 goals which might have been mistake and that bet was my first idea, however you will not see here often home wins with 1.65 odds or similar and that’s the problem many times we run into. Think about this and you’ll understand. We’re not here to propose “sure wins” and combo materials, but some other things, I think this explains my choices and options for Sassuolo’s game.

    And this comment is actually not about you, but reacting cause it was really nice and unusual to see some positive feedback even when losing, even though I don’t think I deserved it for this pick, or, deserved the least out of all editors’ team. In the name of all of us, it’s really nice to see some support since we are all usually getting critics mostly.

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