Vardar vs Copenhagen

A tight schedule is pushing FC Copenhagen to their limits, as they are now travelling to a boiling hot Skopje, to play versus one of the surprise teams at this stage - FK Vardar. The Macedonians will once again get acquainted with a Scandinavian opponent after recently crushing Malmo's Champions League dreams in Strumica. Is there another upset around the corner?

Worth to note, this match will take place on Vardar's usual home stadium in Skopje, on Philip II Arena. In the previous round, Vardar had to travel to the village of Strumica, to play on the very poor Mladost Stadium. It will be a more familiar setting for Vardar this time, who can count on somewhat 10,000 - 15,000 more supporters extra this time, compared to their home game versus Malmo.

FC Copenhagen are way more known to the public for their regular participation in Champions League. They are however in a bit of a rebuild process themselves, similar to Malmo - they are not entering the contest with Vardar in the optimal timing. Despite the results going their way domestically (recent victory 0-3 versus Randers) the overall performance is being questioned. Copenhagen are dealing with injuries on challenging positions, which is something that coach Stale Solbakken is commenting on:

- "Just because we have injuries, and a few new players aren't performing, does not mean that we will go and buy players", Solbakken said.

Apart from the injuries, there have also been key departures from the club. Wing back Ludwig Augustinsson has left for Werder Bremen, along with Delaney, Cornelius and Jorgensen, all being sold. All in all, there are several changes in the squad - which by all means is still competitive.

The usual wing defender Peter Ankersen (0/0) is a long term absentee, while replacement Tom Hogli (1/0) got injured last week as well. The third option is to play left back Nicolai Boilesen at right side instead. Offensively, Rasmus Falk is another long term absentee.

He remains firm that the team can handle the shortened squad situation, but also admits that the performances need more work. The Danes are coming into the battle with Vardar due to discaring the Slovakian side, Zilina, in a thriller contest. The Slovakians pressured Copenhagen to their limits even in Denmark, and revealed some weaknesses in the Danish defense. Still - as often happens, quality prevails when it comes down to being efficient.

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Vardar should enter this contest full of confidence, as it was two impressive displays versus Malmo in the recent round. 1-1 away, and 3-1 victory in Macedonia showed that Vardar are capable of scoring against the normally organized Scandinavian teams. FC Copenhagen, are similar to Malmo when it comes to strenght, apart from more individual quality in the Danish side.

This is the best and greatest opportunity for Macedonia as a football country, to have a representative on the big scene. The opinions are optimistic after it was proven that they can stand tall against bigger names.

There is another important factor to focus on. The weather in Skopje has hit 40 degrees the past week, and during kickoff it will be humid and 30 degrees. In comparison to Copenhagen, where it is half of those degrees, the Danish side will have a tough time to be intense. This topic was also raised when Malmo and Finnish HJK visited Macedonia, and both sides slowed down after 60 minutes. Opposing players also commented on the tough conditions, and admitted that is was indeed not just about "hot weather" but it takes the energy out of you, even as an athlete.

This can absolutely be a factor late in the game, where Vardar should be able to get more room to control the last quarter of the match. The hosts are healthy and have continuity in the squad - two factors that Copenhagen currently do not have. What Vardar needs to fix, is their discipline - they were playing very aggressive against Malmo, which costed a penalty, and often tested the referees limits several times. This needs to stop, or else Copenhagen will have an easy pass to the next round.

Copenhagen are rightful favorites in this match - even away. However, personally I do not bite these odds. Zilina managed to cope well and expose Copenhagen, and I believe Vardar can do the same, especially since they are now playing at home (their usual stadium) and will have a lot more backing from supporters compared to previous round. This should give Vardar a lift, as they have also finally passed the first mental obstacle in passing a 'bigger opponent' than themselves.

At 1.65 odds for a Danish side in tropical weather, with significant injuries and in the middle of a rebuilding process - I definitely do not see any value. Therefore, the logic from my point of view will be on a boosted Vardar side, who breathes optimism right now. They know that they have to score at home if they should stand a chance in the return leg.

Bet: Vardar +1 Asian handicap @ 1.68 with BetVictor
Result: 1-0 (won)
 * Odds as of post published time and are subject to change.
+121 -15


  1. aron50 says:

    BTTS 1,85 looks good.

  2. nassboi says:

    Nice write up and good point. Am in

  3. Chris says:

    Handicap king am in too

  4. Tony says:

    Green green green….all the way!!!. Sweem I’m in! Whatever you predict,even if it seems crazy I’ll stake at least 500 box on it. You’ve neva failed me,you are the best. GL bro!

  5. Sweem says:

    – Obviously not guaranteeing that it will be green forever (although I wish). Appreciate the good words, but there is always some luck involved too (yesterday example). Never stake more than you can afford, and never blindly go all in based on an article.

    Sometimes picks seem crazy and against the public, but at the end of the day – if it was that easy (to predict based on what is not crazy), life would be very easy.

    @Reminder to all – Play responsibly, and never chase. Money management is key

    Have a good day and game day tomorrow. Let’s see where we stand

    – Sweem

  6. tanet says:

    Thanks seem! But what does Vardar +1 asain handicap mean?

  7. kunle george says:

    @ Sweem, today is the second time I’m noticing your kind words to whoever chooses to play any game you recommended. You are not full of yourself. You are always calm and cool with your advice. You’ve won me over with your humble words. I adore you for this. Thanks. God bless you

  8. Sweem says:


    +1 AH means that:

    If Vardar wins or draws = the bet is won
    If Vardar loses with one goal margin = the bet is void (money returned)
    If Vardar loses with 2 goals or more = the bet is lost

    – Carefulness is always key in any form of gambling. No one is 100% accurate with picks or predictions. The texts are always a personal opinion of an individual, that is it. These previews are like blogs, you will have readers who agree and who disagree. Hot streaks happen, but so does cold streaks. We win and “lose” together here – to affordable hobby amounts though, it’s all for the fun.

    Good luck

    – Sweem

  9. anna siow youn says:

    Sweem, can you give me a score prediction?can copenhagen score?i have in mind something like 2-1 2-0.thanks a good fan

  10. Larry says:

    Sweems! Just hailing though. Always caring -Nice words there!

  11. Kevin says:

    Sweem, say something on the Qarabag game. You gave a good analysis on its previous champions league game.

  12. quachtinh says:

    Thanks for the great preview again Sweem!
    The odds is a little low for my liking though, so I will side with BTTS in this match as I cannot see any team would keep a clean sheet.

    Good luck folks!

  13. raph says:

    Sweem Your predict are good and I love them but this I see a Posible BTS + 2.5goal and correct score of 1-2 or 2-2..

  14. swayboy says:

    Nice game world boss sweem, i appreciate u̶̲̥̅̊r effort, but I can see this game ending this way BTTS…

  15. emmy says:

    Wat dose +1 asain hadicap means

  16. urch says:

    Good morning sweem , we don’t have Asian handicap In my platform , which other way can I play this game please

  17. surfer rosa says:

    @emmy please read the comments this has been asked already


    +1 AH means that:

    If Vardar wins or draws = the bet is won
    If Vardar loses with one goal margin = the bet is void (money returned)
    If Vardar loses with 2 goals or more = the bet is lost

  18. Neo says:

    I see there a pour match of goals

  19. Chris says:

    @ urch if u are in Nigeria please use as ur bookmaker they have asian handicap markets.
    Once again thanks Sweem.

  20. Grella Giulio says:

    +0, 5 AH what means?

  21. Sweem says:

    @Grella G
    – +0.5 AH (asian handicap) It is the same as 1X double chance

    @Everyone I have not tagged:
    – I will not comment on other games, like Qarabag etc. My guess is as good as yours. Plus, admins have already posted a thorough preview of it.

    Once again, I am not a god that can predict the scores of each game. It’s all a guessing game. We will wait and see how it turns out. I normally pick a side and stick to it. What the score will a completely different story

  22. Lady says:

    Personally I don’t see the same outcome will be produced for Vardar as the previous game vs Malmo. Copenhagen is at a little bit higher level than the Swedes at the moment. Based on your analysis I can go under 2.5 and away win on this game. Score maybe 0-1 or 0-2, I can’t see home team can score any goal tonight. Copenhagen know what to do before return to Denmark.

  23. Jero says:

    FK valdar & goal goal worth a punch :)

  24. Hbk says:

    What about euro handicup on this game

  25. Naheed says:

    Today is the day bookies will make money…….

  26. Mk junior jr says:

    Sweem you are too much
    Hence fourth I will never Skip your game
    Kudos to you

  27. Dude says:

    1-0 is very good, but 2-0 would be awesome. Cmon Vadar Skopje.

  28. Peecos says:

    Sweem which plannet are you from?

  29. raph says:

    Sweem your the best 5star for you

  30. nassboi says:

    You have paid my bill again, thank you ones again.

  31. grant pascal says:

    Sweem is the best…his analysis is on point…where others are doubting, and are all playing the same thing, all predictions I saw online was Copenhagen to win…sweem was the only one different, same thing happened during the Malmo game…sweem is the best analyser there is no contest.

  32. Scapolo says:

    Hey sweem what are you thinking about Celtic-rosenborg and marsilya-oostande and bordeux-videotan. I am thinking of betting win.

  33. Sweem says:

    Planet earth, but with a little bit of margins on my side lately. But we will take that :)

    Very pale Copenhagen performance. 1.65 – 1
    90 pre match, just because their name is bigger. Vardar are on fire

    – Sweem

  34. anna siow youn says:

    Good result again, well done Sweem!

  35. quachtinh says:

    Great pick Sweem!
    I got burned for BTTS, very disappointed with Copenhagen. They’re never look like scoring at all in the entire match.

  36. Tony says:

    Green green green green green!!…..master Sweem you know the drill

  37. temitope says:

    @sweem, pls when is your next preview coming. you are too good

  38. Andy Ng says:

    Finally, we win. Thank you very much, Sweem to spend your valuable time to pick the best VIP tip for all of us.

  39. CLEBER says:

    @sween Congratulations, pal! You´re a talented tipster.

  40. Franky says:

    Nice one, I’m in

  41. vik says:

    thanks sweem u r the best

  42. Brand says:

    Men, this guy is on fire.
    U are better

  43. Chitpu says:

    Today night match ?

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