Belarus vs Luxembourg (By: Alonso14)

Today, in Uefa Nations League, in League D, Group 2, Belarus will play against Luxembourg.

*I have to be fair and to say that what I'm gonna predict is more like a gambling because I know only a little bit about these two countries. It will be more about a feeling bet so I not encourage you to bet a high stake.

The group looks like this :

1. Luxembourg - 2matches - 7:0- 6points

2. Belarus - 2matches - 5:0 - 4 points

3. Moldova - 2 matches - 0:4 - 1 point

4. San Marino - 2 matches - 0:8- 0 points

I find Belarus national team as being a modest one in the last 2 years. In the group for qualification for the World Cup they finished last with 5 points ( scoring 6 and conceding 21 ) . Right above them it was Luxembourg with 6 points (8 scored and 26 conceded ) . Most of the players of Belarus come from their league ( Bate Borisov has the most of them, a team that played alright in Uefa Champions League Play off ) . I haven't see them playing but I really don't like the results . The other teams from the group of Uefa Nations League are Moldova and San Marino . They beat San Marino with 5-0 but they haven't beat Moldova ( it was a 0-0 away from home ) . I'm not even gonna take in consideration the match against San Marino because San Marino has players that are playing football for fun beside their actual jobs. I feel like a game against Moldova should have been won even though it was away from home.

On the other hand, Luxembourg, is on a very good ascendant form. The only match that I saw was against France some months ago and I really loved what did Luxembourg played even though they were dominated. It was a 0-0 in France but Luxembourg did actually scored. The goal was disallowed for an offside at the limit. I also like that they have young players in good teams in countries with an alright football so it means that they are talented and maybe in some years they will make the step forward. Luxembourg has also a team in Europa League . Dudelange , the team that beat Cfr Cluj ( Romania champions )with 5-2 on aggregate . They also eliminated Legia Warsaw and now they are in a group with AC Milan, Betis and Olympiakos. Dudelange almost scored a point with Milan but they conceded in the last minutes .

In Uefa Nations League, Luxembourg beat San Marino with 3-0 and Moldova with 4-0. The result against Moldova makes me believe that Luxembourg isn't a very small team anymore .

In the qualification group for the WC Luxembourg beat Belarus with 1-0 at home and drew 0-0 away from home

Geographically, Luxembourg is placed between Belgium, Germany and France. This is an important fact because I'm sure that they have been influenced by this top 3 countries when it is about football.

In conclusion, the aspects that are making me to bet on Luxembourg are :

-Belarus was and is a modest team lately (a game against Moldova should have been won or at least dominated)

-Luxembourg is on an ascending form

-Luxembourg had some pretty results against France(0-0) , Hungary( 2-1 for Lux in a friendly), Georgia (1-0 for Lux in a friendly), Senegal (0-0 friendly ), Belarus (1-0) , Albania (2-1 for Lux in a friendly)

-Luxembourg has a team in Europa League that is playing nice

-Luxembourg has young players across their borders at good teams

-Geographically, Luxembourg has influences from Germany, France, Belgium.

I'm going with x2 because Luxembourg is in a fine form and also because their football evolved a lot ( club level too) in the last year.

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Belarus vs Luxembourg predictions

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Comments (5)
Geographically, Luxembourg has influences from Germany, France, Belgium.

are you really serious?
10/12/2018 - 15:24
Yeah, that «geographically» killed me :)))))))
For years they have been terrible, so what has happened lately, did the borders move? Hahahaha
Good luck with your bet though
10/12/2018 - 16:26
Ok .....
10/12/2018 - 17:56
You didn't understood the idea. The clubs from Luxembourg league have German, France and Belgium players ( from France and Germany especially ). And some of them played some matches for club from their respective countries . Dudelange has even a player that played for Dortmund more than 90 matches. Of course , most of the players aren't the ones that would play even in a medium to week championship . But they come from a healthy football and they have other mentality and you should be sure that they have a word in their teams . And also most of them came in the country lately . That is what I was referring about....................
10/12/2018 - 18:26
Liege could share some land so that Lux could also border with the Netherlands. THEN they would be unstoppable 😂
Come on, guys...that's a good preview
10/12/2018 - 18:42
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