What is over under in betting?

Over / Under is a sports betting option on the total number of goals to be achieved in a sporting event.

Bettors have two options. To choose Under 2.5 goals (no goal scoring, 1 goal, or 2 goals) or Over 2.5 goals (3 goals or more).

Generally, in football, the bookmakers set 2.5 total goals as the main line to this betting market.

There is no draw (push) possibility for this bet. Bettors will win or lose their stake at the end of 90 minute time.

You have 50% chance to win the bet. No extra-time or penalty shootouts after 90-minute count for this type of bet.

Over Under betting guide | Over 2.5 goals Under 2.5 goals

Football Over Under 2.5 goals example

Betting odds for Premier League game of Arsenal vs Leicester:

Under 2.5 Goals = @1.95 | Over 2.5 Goals = @1.90

* Consider that you bet 100 on Under 2.5 goals.

So, what is the meaning? This means that you need fewer than 3 goals to win.

If the game ends with 0,1 or 2 goals in total at the end of 90 minutes, your stake will return as 195. So, you have 195-100 = 95 profit.

If the game ends with 3 or more goals in total, you lose your stake.

For some games, the bookmakers are offering an Asian betting market of under/over 3 goals. With this option, you will get your stake back if the game ends with exactly 3 goals.

Over 1.5 & Under 1.5
Over 1.5 & Under 1.5 goals have the same logic.

Over 2 & Under 2
Over 2 & Under 2 goals returns your stake back if the final score is exactly 2 goals.

Basketball Over Under betting

It is the same with any other sports. Yet, the lines are different from soccer. Let's examine a basketball game.

NBA betting odds for Miami vs San Antonio:

Under 170 points = @1.91 - Over 170 points = @1.91

* Consider that you bet 100 on Over 170 points.

This means that you need more than 170 points to win your bet.

If the game ends with any score under 170 points in total, you lose your stake.

If the game ends with more than 170 points, you win. So, you have 191-100 = 91 profit.

If the game ends with exact 170 points, the bet is a push and no wager. You get your stake back. Note that some sportsbooks have different rules on total points betting and you may not get your stake back.

In the NBA games, extra-times counts for this bet. But some of the bookies do not count in the extra times for Euro Basket games. Be aware of this when you are thinking of betting on Under / Over.

Always read the betting rules of each bookmaker carefully.

That's all! I hope you understood what does over under mean in betting!