I was hoping for plus money on the Nats today in order to jump on them and here is why it is worth investing in them.

Cole posted an amazing 0.41 ERA till the Nats rocked him around in Houston by tagging him for 5 runs.

However, the truth is that Cole came from an lucky outing before that as well. He did not allow a run in NY against the Yanks, but he was nothing but lucky as they made hard contact off him with plenty of runners left on base. With 5 BB an outing is ( almost ) always bad anyway.

So Cole posted a 1.88 ERA this postseason but pitched worse with a 3.57 xFIP.

On the other side Ace Scherzer who is 3-0 this postseason with a 2.16 ERA. He pitched worse as well ( 3.37 FIP ), but like always a big 12.24 K/9.

The Nats came into this postseason with the worst bullpen in the MLB. One of thouse weak spots was Rodney. He used to be a solid closer, but was terrible in the regular season and he blew it yesterday as well, which was no suprise really ( ask all Nats fans ).

No way that Martinez will bring him again today so that is good news. The other good news is that Doolittle and Hudson ( their top guys ) did not pitch yesterday whereas the Astros had to use 5 arms from the bullpen.

So all in all i will grab the value with the Nats.

Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros betting tips

Washington Nationals ML (Stake: 8)

Odds: 2.40 at Pinnacle

Result: Pitcher change PUSH (Stake return)

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