Join Betshoot Tipsters Team

How it works

Read the rules before applying.

It's a competition. So, everyone should follow certain rules in order to be fair.

Fill in the form to express your interest.

Simply fill in the required fields and write a preview, as you would if you were already a Betshoot tipster.

Be patient.

We will review your details and your example preview. If you qualify, we will sent you a message to the e-mail address you filled in the form.


Be detailed in your example preview.

We do not reply to submissions that doesn't meet the requirements (Short previews, bad language, not much information)

Write for yourself. Don't copy others.

Your personal prediction and authenticity is what counts for us. Do not send us any provision that simply copied from someone else.

Keep up with the same dedication.

Tipsters who accepted and found to decrease their quality of previews comparing to their example, will be removed from the team.