Help - Getting started with Betshoot

If you are a new visitor to our site and don't understand some of the things you see, we are here to help you. We try to keep the site layout simple, but it is normal to have questions, especially if you are new to betting.

Let's get things started from the beginning, in simple terms.

Our site offers free sports betting tips & predictions. At the top of the homepage, you can see each game proposed, sorted by sport. By clicking one, you can read the match preview and the suggested prediction.

Screenshot of a proposed game
  1. The calendar day that the match will begin.
  2. The teams that play in this match.
  3. The league in which the match belong.
  4. The odds that this particular bet offers in decimal format. Higher odds = less chance of success.
  5. The name of the author who wrote the preview/prediction.
  6. The percentage (%) of votes. Visitors can vote if they agree or disagree with the prediction. Green means that most agree, red mean that they disagree.
  7. The status of the outcome. Pending = The match is not over yet (result is pending). When completed, the corresponding result will be displayed (win, lose or draw).
  8. The proposed stake of the bet in units (range 1 to 10). Simply put, the stake is a number assigned by the author, which reveals how confident he is about his prediction. A high stake means that he believes that his bet will have a positive outcome.

Easy enough, isn't it?

If you are having trouble browsing with any desktop or mobile device, feel free to contact us. Our team will have a look on it. We are also open to suggestions for adding features you would like to see on our website.