Free football betting tips

How to find the most successful football betting tips?

Everyone who is involved in football betting is trying to have a positive result. But betting has its good and bad days. To find someone who offers profitable football predictions in the long term, we calculate the yield and hit-rate for each tipster.

To be able to find the most successful ones, we made a list of Betshoot's tipsters along with their stats & profiles.

Tips on how to win in football betting

  • Be disciplined in money management. Never bet more than you can afford on your regular bets.
  • Don't try to chase your losses. Establish a stable strategy.
  • Have patience and do not rush.
  • Do not bet on poor odds. Always look for the best odds.
  • Do not follow blindly any tipster. Use your own judgment too.

Where to find more football tips for today?

Our editors are posting a football accumulator for every single day. For more inspiration on your bets, take a look at our dropping odds page and pay attention where the odds have a big fall (marked red). Also, do not forget to check the key-stats on our homepage.

League specific tips: