FAQ for becoming a tipster

Ι would like to participate in the competition. What should I do?

Just complete the form, after you read the tipster competition terms & conditions. Write a preview, as you would if you were already a Betshoot tipster.

I already filled in the form, but I haven't received an answer yet.

Be patient. Our team will review your details and your example preview. If you qualify, we will send you a message to the e-mail address you filled in the form.

If there has been a long time and have not received a reply, it means that for some reason your application is not approved.

I have applied to participate in the contest but was rejected. For what reason?

You probably wrote a very incomplete text/analysis without significant information about your preview. Try to write a nice article, which contains valuable information and some elements which concerning your thoughts about your prediction.

Previews without text that simply indicate a bet/pick are not accepted. Another reason that your application is rejected may be that the text you sent us is copied from another page on the web and it's not really yours.

The prediction/preview that I have sent, must be a winning one?

Of course not. We are not judging your prediction outcome, but the quality and information provided.

I am already a tipster and suddenly my account is disabled. What happened?

The most common reason is that your articles were accurate copies from other websites. We have a zero tolerance policy towards tipsters who have sent a nice article to approve and later they copy/paste.

Other reasons could be an intense prize hunting behaviour, posting continuously with high (10/10) stakes, bad grammar or very bad English language, or failure to comply with the terms & conditions.

This month I finished in the first eight positions. How will I get paid?

If you finished in one of the top 8 positions you'll get paid to your Skrill account and in bonus cash to your Pinnacle Sports account.

What happens if I don't have a Skrill account?

No problem whatsoever! We can alternatively send the prize to PayPal with the exact amount you won.

I can't have a Pinnacle account. How will I get the Pinnacle prize?

In this case, unfortunately, you can't receive the prize from Pinnacle Sports, but you will normally receive the Skrill prize. If you have a close friend who has an account at Pinnacle Sports, we can arrange to send the prize to his own account.