Tipster competition

Betshoot awards cash prizes in Skrill to the most profitable tipsters of each month. The top 5 users win a Skrill prize under the following scheme: 70-65-60-55-50 EUR.

In addition, Pinnacle Sports awards the top 8 users a $25 prize to their Pinnacle accounts.

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You are able to compete with other tipsters by posting your tips. Accept the challenge and check your skills.


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*This is a contest and under no circumstance, success is a guarantee.

Competition Rules

  1. The winners of every month will be the users that will have the highest profit. If two users will have the exact same profit, we will consider yield.
  2. You must have at least 10 tips in the related month to be eligible for a prize.
  3. You can write only 1 pick for the same game.
  4. Minimum odds for each pick is @1.30 (1.30 is acceptable).
  5. Posting limit is at least 3 hours before the start of the game.
  6. Articles must be in the English language. The size of the articles should be at least 5 lines. Short articles with no useful info, or lone stats, are deleted.
  7. The system will auto-adjust your stakes if they don't meet the following rules. Stake greater than 8/10 isn't allowed for odds from @3.00 till @3.99. Stake greater than 6/10 isn't allowed for odds from @4.00 till @5.99. Stake greater than 4/10 isn't allowed for odds equal or bigger than @6.00. (Disregarding the type of the bet).
  8. Don't post a lot of bets with high stakes (9/10, 10/10). Those who tend to such prize hunting behavior will be removed from the contest. Admins have the right to change your stakes anytime.
  9. Copying from other tipster competition sites or famous sport news sites (BBC, Sky Sports, etc.) isn't allowed.
  10. If you write for other websites too, you can't post the same articles (text) here. Inform us, so we avoid any confusion.
  11. Articles containing doubles or combos aren't accepted. No matter the kind of sport.
  12. In the last 5 calendar days of each month, we have a post limit. The maximum number of articles these days is 4 per day, for each user.
  13. Matches that finish (FT) after than 00:00 Eastern European Time (UTC +2) / Eastern European Summer Time (UTC +3) will settle for the next calendar day.
  14. For American sports bets, instead of Home / Away, please write the name of the team. American bookies reverse the names of home and away teams. In case to avoid any confusion to the readers.
  15. If a user reaches -200 units, it's admins decision if he continues writing.
  16. For Pinnacle prizes, withdrawal requirement is a 3x rollover. The winners must have placed at least one bet during the contest month to qualify for the prize. Their prizes are in USD. If you have an account in Euro, the amount will convert accordingly. Prizes are brought solely by the courtesy of Pinnacle. Betshoot doesn't reimburse tipsters who are eligible in any other way.
  17. You can make a single pick of combined outcomes. (Like most of the bookmakers offer these days). For example, "BTTS & Over 2.5", but no more than two of such outcomes allowed. Therefore, you may pick "home win and over goals", but no "home win, over goals & over cards". Further, "bet builder", "your odds" or similar features with combined outcomes aren't allowed.
  18. As of 11/10/2016, long-term or outright bets aren't allowed.
  19. Horse racing, cycling, golf, snooker etc aren't allowed.
  20. Only selection of leagues & sports existing in our database are allowed.

Any rule is subject to change by the Admins, at any time. If you have any suggestions regarding these rules, send us an e-mail.