May 2017 Competition Winners

May 2017

# Tipster Units Reward
1 Stanioooo +96.35 70 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
2 Alcuni +95.68 60 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
3 Josh +77.97 50 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
4 Rahul +67.78 40 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
5 Patyi +47.78 30 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
6 Sors +39.92 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
7 Blackcrow +34.48 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
8 Nilsinj +23.03 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.

Winners have to send us their Skrill address, name&surname and also their Bet365 account usernames (Just drop us a line or mail us directly at: info (at) If you do not have a bet365 account yet, please register from here: The rollover requirement is 3x at odds of 1.50 or above.

For Pinnacle prizes, in order to withdraw, there is a rollover requirement of 3x. Also the winners must place a minimum of 1 bet during the competition month to qualify for the prize. Their prizes are in USD. If you have an account in Euro, the prize amount will be converted accordingly. In case you didn't place a minimum of 1 bet during the competition month in order to qualify for the prize, you can't receive the prize and there's nothing we can do about it.

Payment at bet365 will be done during the month, probably till 20th of the month, please be patient with bet365. Skrill's prizes for this month, will be delivered till 10th June.

If you are one of the winners and you cannot use Skrill due to country restrictions, please inform us and we will pay you the Skrill prize amount with a paysafecard.

Have a good month!

25 Comments on May 2017 Competition Winners

  1. Josh says:

    Congrats Stan. U deserved it but U probably got the bigger share of luck ;)

  2. Stan says:

    Thanks, Josh! Well, I decided not to play here in the last few days and give you the chance for the 1st place. It’s really bad luck you didn’t succeed to do that with the matches in Lituania and Estonia which you lost in the end… GL next month, mate, you are a talanted tipster!

    About me- well, I didn’t expect in my first month to be 1st, that means a lot. I had my own ups and downs during the month, but still the upps were much more and that helped me to have a good stats in the end. I think I made great relationship with some of the colleagues here which is really important for me. I want to help people with my tips- that’s the most important of all.

    I will try to be successful again this month and want to wish GL to all of the tipsters here in the site, especially to my Bulgarian colleagues(Martin,Glacial,Sors..). Let’s prove we are a nation where people really understand about sport!

  3. Rahul says:

    Congratulations to Stan and Alcuni; always maintained the pace at the top.

    Also, Admins, pass on my Pinnacle prize to the 9th placed tipster; as I will not be claiming it.

  4. DamirJ says:

    Hello guys,

    Upon understanding that 3rd placed tipster Josh is someone we already banned twice, but now came with different mail and using proxies, we’ve decided to remove him from the winners’ list. Therefore, Rahul gets 50 Euro Skrill prize, Patyi gets 40, Sors goes to fifth position and gets 30 Eur Skrill prize too. Additional tipsters were mailed for Pinnacle’s prize.

    Have a nice month!

  5. Nilsinj says:

    First time in the winners list so i wonder if anyone has recieved their price in Pinnacle account, or should i expect them them soon? Tried send a message to betshoot directly but didn’t get any answer. Hasn’t recieved any email from them at all either.

    Thanks in advance for those who can give me an answer.

  6. DamirJ says:

    Hello Nilsinj,

    I, myself and Isaiah sent you couple of e-mails, are you sure it didn’t maybe go to junk/spam box? Just send us your client ID from Pinnacle in case you made a deposit or bet there during the previous month (at mail or here, we won’t publish it).

    Those prizes will be paid early next week.

  7. Nilsinj says:

    Hi DamirJ

    Found an email from Isaiah and i’ve answered him. Thanks for the information.

  8. DamirJ says:


    We’ll forwards the winners tomorrow and they should be credited in next days.

  9. DamirJ says:

    Hello guys,

    We’ve explicitly said you need to have deposited or taken bets during the previous month in order to be eligible for Pinnacle’s prizes – it’s their rules not ours. There’s no point in sending us ID in case you didn’t meet the requirement. Pinnacle’s prizes credited now.

    Those who were eligible will get their accounts credited with 50$ each (currency equivalent).

  10. Stan says:

    Hi, DamirJ,

    Well, I met the requirement, but didn’t receive my prize in Pinnacle yesterday.
    Any idea what’s the problem? I made a deposit in April there and places a bet, so everything should be okay with the requirement here..

  11. DamirJ says:

    “In case you didn’t place a minimum of 1 bet during the competition month in order to qualify for the prize, you can’t receive the prize and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    April wasn’t competition’s month.

  12. Stan says:

    In May, I made a mistake, sorry… I made my account there in the end of May, made a deposit and placed a bet, when I saw I will be through the best in May for sure.

    So, I don’t realize what’s the problem and why I still didn’t receive them in the account.

  13. DamirJ says:

    Hello, your username ID isn’t on the list of those who didn’t deposit/bet, you should get the prize soon. I didn’t double checked after you complained.

  14. Stan says:

    Thanks for your cooperation, Damir!

  15. Stan says:

    Sorry, I’ll write again, but still didn’t receive any bonus in Pinnacle.. I asked them what’s the problem and they told me to ask Betshoot for details.. Really confusing. DamirJ, what’s your opinion- what may cause the problem?

  16. DamirJ says:

    We asked them now and will keep you updated. Probably some delay with prize delivering. Will keep you posted.

  17. Nilsinj says:

    I didn’t placed any bet at Pinnacle during May so i guess i lose my prize then. To bad, but i will be back. Should have read the rules earlier.

    Additional questions: Any minimum amount for that 1 bet i have to make on Pinnacle? And, is there any time limit for the rollover requirement when you recieve the price?

  18. DamirJ says:

    We’ve got a response. You will be credited very soon, was an honest mistake from their end.

    There’s no minimum amount, simply that was account was betting “active”. Pretty sure there is no time limit, but I ask from other guys to confirm this once again please? Even if there is, it’s like 30 or 60 days I’m pretty sure.

  19. Stan says:

    OK, thanks Damir. One more question

    Do you have an idea when we can expect our prize in bet365? It’s written it will be probably till 20 June, but I will understand if there’s a delay :)

  20. DamirJ says:

    We will contact them now, there’s usually some delay with bet365 prizes, probably there’s no concrete person in charge of it, so some delay usually occurs. We will update you after we receive response.

  21. Stan says:

    Still no answer from bet 365? I thought they were reliable..

  22. DamirJ says:

    It’s not about bet365 as a whole company, sometimes manager we are in contact with, is busy or on vacation etc. We will keep you informed.

  23. DamirJ says:

    All bet365 accounts have been credited except for ‘varna_ci**’ account and this is because it’s a closed account.

  24. Stan says:

    Damir J it’s not closed account, I just take my money from there a few days ago and it has 0.01 as balance. If I make a deposit tomorrow, will I receive my bonus there?

  25. DamirJ says:

    It’s not about making deposits or not, whether there is some balance to account or not, we have an information that the account is closed. We will forward your words to them.

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