February 2018 Competition

# Tipster Units Reward
1 Morfeo +78.75 70 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
2 Stanioooo +72.83 65 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
3 Raleone +72.26 60 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
4 Umicuma +70.29 55 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
5 AsianOvers +66.76 50 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
6 FairPlayBet +63.76 20 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
7 Rainbow +51.25 20 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.
8 CornerWin +50.79 20 EUR at Skrill + 25 $ USD (or EUR equivalent) at Pinnacle.

* We decided to give 3 more Skrill prizes (20 EUR each) to positions 6,7,8 for February. They were close!

* Extra Skrill prizes of 30 EUR each, to Saconex and Iniestaone. Thanks for your unique previews!

The Extra Skrill prizes are delivered to those who are writing unique (writing previews only for Betshoot) & trying harder. Admins are selecting them every month.

Winners have to send us their Skrill address, name&surname and also their Pinnacle's account usernames (Just drop us a line or mail us directly at info (at) betshoot.com).

For Pinnacle prizes, in order to withdraw, there is a rollover requirement of 3x. Also, the winners must place a minimum of 1 bet during the competition month to qualify for the prize. Their prizes are in USD. If you have an account in Euro, the prize amount will be converted accordingly. In case you didn't place a minimum of 1 bet during the competition month in order to qualify for the prize, you can't receive the prize and there's nothing we can do about it.

Skrill's prizes for this month will be delivered until 10th March, similar to Pinnacle's prizes.

If you are one of the winners and you cannot use Skrill due to country restrictions, please inform us and we will pay you the Skrill prize amount with a Paysafecard.

12 Comments on February 2018 Competition

  1. Krosi1990 says:

    Dear admins,

    You did not see reasonable to reward me with some extra skrill prize for this month, when I have written almost 85 previews in February and that I write only for betshoot. Also, the fact that I managed to come back from -180 units to -26, meaning have gone +154. Anyhow, I do not want to interfeer in ur decisions, but I really expected that to some extent you will appreciate my contribution and reward me with extra skrill prize.
    Hope for your understanding,

  2. Isaiah Isaiah says:

    You are right. It is just that we cannot award all tipsters. I wish we always could. I adjusted the prizes to include you. Have a nice month

  3. senpai says:

    Congratulations to all. This month was very tough.

  4. krosi1990 says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your consideration.

    kind regards,

  5. Isaiah Isaiah says:

    @Krosi1990 Unfortunately I have to take this back. most of your previews have huge parts copied from leaguelane, soccabet etc. This is not unique, and break of rules too.

  6. Krosi1990 says:

    Dear Isaiah,

    It is really disappointing due to the fact that, I know how much time I devoted and gave my best in order to make good predictions and offer the best I can for the visitors of Betshoot. It is true what you said that I have checked those pages and maybe took something, but that is relative and not coping, since you can recheck and verify that none of them have the same predictions as mine, because they were done by my deep analyses. I might have checked leagulane, but the picks were mine and I do not think that’s violation of the rule. If so, I really appologise and promise it wont be repeated again. Therefore, I sincerely hope you would reconcider your decision and allow me to continue further as tipster.
    Thanks in advance and hope for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

  7. Rainbow says:

    Congrat to all, it was tough till the end..

  8. Stan says:

    Krosi 1990,

    I saw some of your previews and did not say anything about that, but they were almost copied by internet previews from the usual sites, which were posted by Isaiah. OK, the final predictions can be different from their, but the main text was almost the same in big part of the previews.

    The main purpose in Betshoot is to write your own preview of the match like most of the tipsters did in this site. Of course we help ourselves with information from different sites about injuries, etc..

    Moreover you are not part of top 8 in the final ranking, how do you want to have a prize? Saconex and Iniestaone always do their own previews written in good English, that’s the reason maybe they also got prizes. If you were in top 8 and they took it from you, because of copying previews, this would be bad, but now.. You finished with negative Units, no matter how much you raised. I also raised from -18 to +72, but if I were not part of top 8, I would not pretend for any prize, no matter how good written they were.

    I appreciate your work as a tipster, but just continue your work, avoid giving sometimes so risky picks and you will be amongst top 5/10 tipsters in this site in the next months for sure.


  9. Shibby says:

    Well done all

  10. Demogorgon says:

    @Krosi1990 Personally i like betshoot cause of the good/quality analysis, unlike other sites that i have seen. I did not know that you copied others. You are not right and as a result you do not deserve an extra unique prize, actually imho even if you had finished amongst the top 8 you would not deserve any ‘regular’ prize dude.. I call this a cheat and i am ruthless with cheators!

  11. Gee says:

    tough month indeed congratulations all and all the best this month

  12. incguy says:

    Congratulations to all. It was my best month ever… betshoot rocked it.

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