December 2016 Competition Winners

December 2016

1. Toglev +115.92 ---->70 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
2. Experttennis +101.07 ------>60 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
3. PatrickBateman +99.78 ------>50 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
4. Dajkula +57.83 ---->40 EUR at Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
5. Caspeer89 +50.60 ----->30 EUR at Skrill.

For this month the tipster prizes are delivered in the following scheme:

1st tipster: 70 EUR by Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
2nd tipster: 60 EUR by Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
3rd tipster: 50 EUR by Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
4th tipster: 40 EUR by Skrill + 50 EUR at Bet365 account.
5th tipster: 30 EUR by Skrill.

Winners have to send us their Skrill address, name&surname and also their Bet365 account usernames (Just drop us a line or mail us directly at: info (at) If you do not have a bet365 account yet, please register from here: The rollover requirement is 3x at odds of 1.50 or above.

Payment at bet365 will be done during the month, probably till 20th of the month, please be patient with bet365. Skrill's prizes for this month, will be delivered around 15th January.

I am sorry for the delays of the prizes for this month and the previous one, we will sort all problems very soon.

If you are one of the winners and you cannot use Skrill due to country restrictions, please inform us and we will pay you the Skrill prize amount with a paysafecard.

Have a good month, I wish you healthy and Happy New Year to you & your families!


13 Comments on December 2016 Competition Winners

  1. Experttennis says:

    First of all , congrats to everyone . A very good month for all of us . Isaiah , could you just post here when you do payout the prizes on skrill . Thx for understanding .

    Kind regards ;)

  2. Caspeer89 says:

    Congratulation all. Wish you all lot of winning tips in 2017

  3. PatrickBateman says:

    Congratulations to everyone! All the best in the 2017, and good luck in the next competitions!

  4. Kris007 says:

    Congrats to winners, All the best in the new year!!!
    Sorry i’m writing here Isaiah, but the prize for November still missing (bet365). Can you contact with them please.
    Thank you.

    • Isaiah Isaiah says:

      I know mate, don’t worry. The manager I am in contact returns tomorrow from holidays. It will be solved next days!

  5. toglev says:

    Congratulations to everyone and good luck in 2017.

  6. Shibby says:

    Congrats all :)

  7. Experttennis says:

    Have anyone received their prize on skrill ?

  8. Isaiah Isaiah says:

    Skrill prizes have just been paid.

    Let me know when you get the bet365 prizes.

  9. toglev says:

    I’ve already received both prizes, to skrill and bet365 account. Thanks.

  10. PatrickBateman says:

    I got both Skrill and bet365 prizes. Thank you!
    Have a nice day!

  11. Shibby says:

    Well done all!

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