Asian Bookies

Asian bookmakers have now established themselves as a synonym for reliability in every aspect of everyday bettor's life.

The Asian handicap betting markets are becoming more popular as awareness builds, but that's not what modern Asian bookies are only for.

They maybe have even lost the battle in the aspect of a variety of betting options and offers, however they are coming now with far higher limits than the European bookmakers.

More importantly, with lower profit margins comparing to European standards. Their reliability, high limits & easy approach towards customers and verifications procedures is what makes the difference in their favor now.

188bet Asian Bookies
  • Very high limits
  • Fast payouts
  • High Asian Handicap Odds
  • Mobile betting available
188bet website
  • Bonus for new customers
  • Fast payouts
  • Repeated stakes with high limits
  • No verification needed till first 3.000 EUR
SBObet website

Such bookmakers are a great option for Asian players, but also a very good choice for worldwide bettors who are searching for higher limits, less profit margins, and easy and hassle-free verification and withdrawals.

Or simply, for those who are suffering from many countries restrictions brought up nowadays.

Asian bookies have established themselves now not as an alternative, but as a reliable choice for European players too, offering them deposit bonuses & far bigger overall media presence making themselves a perfect choice for high stake or professional players.

Some of the reasons to join any of Asian bookies would be:

Fast and free payouts

Some of them might have rollover requirement before paying you out (such as Pinnacle after completing the first withdrawal of the month), but once it's completed - you can expect your money hitting your account in industry's quickest time.

Direct bank transfer withdrawals are usually available the same or the next business day. E-wallets withdrawals are usually a matter of few hours.

Lower Margins

Meaning higher odds for their clients. They pay much more attention to balanced odds and giving extreme importance to the quality of their odds, reducing the profit margins to the industries highest payouts.

That's something that could give a crucial edge for all the bettors who usually place single bets.

Higher Limits

In comparison to many others, you will always know the exact betting limit possible to stake on every selection, which is higher than usual European bookies.

Repeated stakes on the same offer are welcome, always showing you updated odds and max possible stake.

Easier verification and tendency to anonymity

Asian bookmakers are usually offering easier verifications, or not needing anything at all till you hit the trash hold usually of 3.000 Euros withdrawn.

They also do have a tendency towards anonymity and some might even offer bitcoin as a payment option, knowing how important anonymity can be to people nowadays.

More tolerability towards winning players and high stakes

While European bookmakers are nowadays trying to protect themselves of any loss, Asian bookies still do remain more tolerable to winners and those players who make odds movement with their higher stakes.

Terms such as "account investigation due to betting patterns" or limitation upon registering and placing a couple of bets, is not something connected to those brands.

Asian handicaps

They are still focused and specialized on the Asian handicap market, offering such betting options with the lowest margins.

Usually, they offer more alternative Asian handicaps in comparison to others still using low juice margins.