62pounds tickets in UK

UK Fans react on expensive ticket prices

The derby between Arsenal and Manchester City at Emirates was marked by three events. One was of course the big win of Man City with 2-0 which maintained their difference from Manchester United at 7 points. The second was the moaning about referee's decisions and especially for the 2 red cards. The third one, was a different moan that there is no doubt that it was justified...

British fans are renowned for their passion for football and their team, which is followed faithfully in every match even away from the stadium, but the guest gates at Emirates was not full. The cause is the particularly expensive tickets.

Manchester City was forced to return nearly 1/3 of the tickets that had been allocated (900 of 3000), as a significant portion of its followers refused to pay 62 pounds for a ticket.

In fact, a fan tried to enter the stadium with a banner that said "62 pounds? When will this stop?". However his banner seized by the security men!

"In 2009, the ticket to watch a match against Arsenal was 32.50 pounds, so you know that in less than 4 years it raised almost 30 pounds and is the most expensive tickets in English football. It's ridiculous." says the spokesman of Man City Supporters Group Kevin Parker and continues:

"Some fans say: I will not pay 62 pounds nether-less i have them or not, because somewhere we should get some limits. Others, don't have to pay 62 pounds. On February 9, we are playing against Southampton and the ticket costs 38 pounds. On January 29, however, we are playing away at QPR and they are asking 55 pounds for a ticket. I think some teams have lost all senses of a simple, everyday person."

Arsenal is not the only English team criticized for expensive tickets, but it's one that (according to a research made by BBC) requires more money from fans who want to be found at Emirates.

Specifically, the Gunners have the most expensive ticket that an adult fan can purchase, which costs £126 and the most expensive season ticket costs 1,955 pounds.

More generally, this season in UK, the cost of the cheapest tickets in the first 4 categories increased by 11.7%!

The head of Football Supporters Federation (FSF), Malcolm Clarke, believes that the teams must somehow 'redeem' to the fans the fact that they have made Premier League one of the most popular leagues in the world:

"62 pounds is a crazy amount! This is an industry that brings astronomical sums in Premier League. It's time the fans make the most of it.

Everyone was expecting that the match against Manchester City vs Arsenal would be sold out, but the fact that the City returned 900 tickets, speaks for itself. Man City fans have a reputation for being among the most loyal in their country. With the given economic conditions and immediately after Christmas, what happens is infuriating."

See the details at the table below. How much is the cheapest and the most expensive ticket for each team (for a single match and a season ticket) and the cost of buying the usual snacks (tea and cake) and match program:

UK Ticket prices table