FC Steaua Bucuresti

The two faces of FC Steaua Bucuresti

FC Steaua Bucuresti presented as a team - model for the Romanian football. First in the domestic league with ten points from the rest and within European competitions namely the Europa League, where they will be confronted with Ajax in the round of 32. The showcase is perfect, but inside things are not so neatly.

The last year, owner Gigi Becali has spend enough money to strengthen the club as much as possible. He has bought the best players of Romanian football and a lot of their players competing in the National team of Romania. The money spent had nice results, since the team goes well and has profits.

In recent years Becali completely stopped funding the academies of the group, so Steaua not longer produces anything from it's academies. That's because he believes that with money he can buy anything from the domestic market.

From next season, however, the youth team of Steaua will be faced with a big problem. If the first team will participate in Champions League, it's obvious that the youth team will also take part in the youth UEFA CL. Already, the neglect of Steaua academies has brought the U19 team at the 7th position of the domestic league and things are not going well. So, they will encounter a lot of difficulties at international level from the next season.

Several friends of Steaua may feel satisfied by the power of the club under the ownership of Becali, however they are anxious about the future and know that the whole club rests solely at the disposal of Becali to spend money on the team.

Anyway, Steaua's model is not something new, since a lot of clubs across Europe are based solely on the dynamics of their owners. Their 'showcase' maybe looks shiny and attractive, but their future can be considered uncertain, since money sometimes not bring eternal happiness...