Victor Moses: The story of his difficult life

His appearances of the season 2009/10 with Crystal Palace in Championship, attracted the eyes of many teams of the Premier League. Finally, in the summer of 2010, Wigan Athletic got his signature and he managed to make an extra step in his career. Two years was enough to sign a transfer this year at Chelsea. Now, Victor Moses life is going into beautiful paths.

The story of Mose's recently represented by Guardian newspaper, in which the Chelsea midfielder was interviewed and recounted the difficult childhood spent in his home country, Nigeria. His Christian family quite poor, with his father working as a pastor and his mother trying to help him. Unfortunately, the conflicts between Christians and Muslims had a bad result.

When he was 11 years old, he learned that after an attack at his home, both of his parents were killed. At that time, Victor was playing football at the streets, where he learned the tragic news. Apart from the shock, he was notified that he was to be the next target, so his friends smuggled him to a hiding place in order to calm the situation.

The decision that changed Victor Moses life

Somewhere in there, he found the solution: to emigrate and seek for asylum in England. A family from South London accepted the responsibility to take care of him. At age of 11, Moses arrived in England, in a place completely unknown to him, away from his home, in a place that he knew absolutely no one.

"That trip from Nigeria was too big. What I want, is to stay strong and work hard for myself whether this has to do with football or not. We should thank God for what I am today. It's a dream come true and if i continue at the same rhythm, who knows, i may play for Barcelona one day." says Victor Moses.

The memories of those childhood years when he played football with the rest of his pals on the streets of any Nigerian city are still fresh. "I wore no shoes. We simply barefooted and when a small ball fell at our feet and we started out playing football." remembers Moses, who already counts three matches with the National Nigerian team, hoping to help get the qualification to the African Nations Cup after the recent 2-2 in the first match against Liberia.

"When I was in Nigeria last week, everyone were supporting Chelsea. Was very nice to see Chelsea fans in Nigeria and shouting my name. The same thing happened when I went to Liberia. Everywhere in Africa, all football fans are watching Premier League." he said.

The Chelsea midfielder will never forget his parents. He always remember them with love and nostalgia. "I'm sure wherever they are right now, they would be proud of me. They will look from above and be proud of..."

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  1. linda romeo amara says:

    my dear keep it up u are like a brother i never had may d good lord protect and protect u we all have d same problem just like me who have no sisters will it pains not 2 have any family love by your side it pains alot and pls don’t do anything with asking 4 lords help b/cos he is our strength, lord bless u thanks up blues i love chelsea

  2. Amara says:

    Keep on making us proud we are very happy with u God bles u we al love chelsea

  3. Dani aoun says:

    Ur the best Moses incredible speed,high skills, ur my favorite u and didier drogba I’m with Chelsea to support u …and became a Chelsea fan bcz of drogba before ..I wish I could be an amazing footballer like u

  4. Wola Oladimeji says:

    Yeah man, keep it up we all know that your parent are there for you, always keep guiding you in all what you are doing so whatever you are doing so Pls dont forget your home. we are all there for you as CHELSEA FAN in Nigeria. keep it up man i wish you good luck in your Career.

  5. Moses Titus says:

    May God be wit u, ma broda. Southern Kaduna is alwez there 4 u. U really made us proud.

  6. Stanley O says:

    I’m always in support of u because u are a game changing player and u performance improves game by game..Moses,God knows ur pains and he’s Chelsea,we’d always support u…

  7. akpuru luckybc says:

    victor moses i luckybc is very proud of u bcoz of d possitive step u took i love u so much up chelsea pls remember to take care of the less previlaged once and by so doing god wil bless u the more

  8. AbdulKazim ohiani says:

    My brother just countinue what u are doing becoz u are chelsea super star. God bless u up blues? One love chelsea

  9. Fanen Harden says:

    Victor Moses!!! Believe you are out there to make a great and memorable history for Nigeria and for Africa. God is with you, we your friends are all supportive. Arise and shine.

  10. king sunny says:

    man i apreciate u, u r a master planer keep it up, i pray dat ur dream to play for bacelona will surely come true, cos watever u wish ur self, is de same pple around u will wish u, i wish u de best, remember we all luv u

  11. Chris Fidel says:

    Moses, you are Bourne to deliver, you are our Moses
    God bless you our Moses

  12. Akhanene wisdom says:

    Moses. Indeed your parents we be proud of You, where ever they may be right now. They think they can kill them, but they can’t kill there dreams. Your parents share there blood for Nigeria. They die a martyr. Lift the AFCON 2013 in there honor. God bless you

  13. Adelaja says:

    Victor Moses, you are rare gem. Please note that the good LORD is taking you to greater heights.

  14. christian Francis says:

    Thank you so much Moses you are truly victorious thank God for his love and blessings upon your life after those tragedy may you live long in peace and God grant all ur desire Amen. carry on we good Nigerians love you and supporting you all the way and glory be to God for this wondeful gift.

  15. Jane says:

    Victor, God will contiune to bless u for us nigeria. Am glad dat u’re making it, the death of ur parents is d strength God has giving u to rise above ur limitation always put him first in every thing u do in life. Becos he did not for sake u at d time u needed him in ur life, he was there to wipe away ur tears an showed u d way up, so always give him praise.

  16. Kabeer kezman says:

    Keep it up moses u are our 2nd okocha up 9ja

  17. Ehinmisan D Francis says:

    U ar epitome of destiny keep it up dear,despite al nigerians did 2 u,u take heart and stil defend d land wher parents wer matred.HA! U ar a good patrotism

  18. Balogun segun says: broda this is very painful to hear but God know the best for u and now here u are making us Nigerian happy with the way you are using ur talent….pls keep It up we Love u all….

  19. nsikan isonguyo says:

    Victor Moses is a true patriot. A lot of people wouldn’t have agreed to play for Nigeria, after the insecurity and religious intolerance in this country caused the death of his parents. Bravo to him for his forgiving heart and the love for his fatherland.

  20. ikechristopher says:

    God will help u in wat ever ur doing,victor moses

  21. Nwusulor Kennedy Ekene says:

    I am on d world extreme corne, i am nt sitting on d role wit d eminents. Beliv dis wit me; dat d firwood f dis world z 4 doz wh cn tek hrt dat z y nt all cn gada it.

  22. saadatu says:

    I like u and I am proud of u and up chelsea

  23. samuel from kenya. says:

    please print the word kenya and sammbavu in your inner t-shirt and show us whether u score all not,coz we are in deep love with u.

  24. MOGAJI A IBRAHIM says:


  25. Darlington uche says:

    Mose u hite d rock nd water flow wil al luv u up blues…..

  26. Anthony Chiemezie Nwagwuocha(Zanza Tony).Z says:

    Am a fan of Victor Moses and his Family,I wept when I read how housa people killed Moses Parents,in fact I feel like going to retaliate,anytime I see Moses coming to play for Nigeria tears started coming from my eyes,I luv u Moses,it is well,God will continue to bless u,and all those responsible for u parents death,including those that supported that crisis will Surely perish one by one,God is sleeping.

  27. Declan ifeco says:

    Keep on doing gud for nigeria victor moses, only de forgivness u gave 2 our nation nigeria will take u 2 heaven, we ar praud of u

  28. Bally boy says:

    Another brother 4rm another different parents, keep doing d wonder wrks. GOD DEY!

  29. Chidex says:

    My darling brother fear not becuase we all Nigeria and Chelsea fan’s stands firm in your side , nothing is ganna happen to you almighty God is by your side,i wish you a successful season.

  30. Sinji says:

    God bless you Victor. You are really Victor.

  31. obot obot says:

    the lord is ur strenght. but which state in nigeria is the true origin of victor

  32. kyeyune Ali says:

    victor moses is among the best players in Africa

  33. adams chindo says:

    Victor u are victory in fact anytime i saw u in the field i always feel joy in my heart i luv u so much seriously i respect u more than any Nigeria player bcos u are game changer pls i luv u luv u i luv pls keep it up, u are too humble

    • experience runyowa says:

      Victor you are a hirrow brother,i like the confidence that you have on the pitch.May God help you go forward.I really respect you man.

  34. experience runyowa says:

    African HEROE

  35. Seyi Joseph says:

    Victor Moses the great player.

  36. Felly Anyanwu says:

    I like your simplicity man. You’re born great and I know you will be greater than what you are now. Just be happy and put your trust in God who has kept you so far. He has just started with you and will never abandon you – great Moses.

  37. effiong itohowo says:

    am so proud of moses cus god has done unexpecting miracle to him.

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