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The lost innocence of football

The money spent on football, especially in last years, have surpassed all limits of reason. Both the amount spent on player transfers, and those that cover their salaries are outrageous in tandem with the economic conditions that now prevail in Europe and worldwide. Moreover ticket prices, especially in England, have become almost unbearable.

There are, however, voices from within the sport itself calling to get a "stop" in this crazy dance of wasting money on football stardom. One of them is the captain of Reading, Jobi McAnuff, who in a recent interview described the situation as it is, speaking openly without any hesitation.

"I can understand why Wayne Rooney receive big bonuses because of appearances which sells his name, but the fact that he takes 200,000 pounds a week, this is stupid! Who needs so great wages? We are on the verge of losing all control. We have already begun to stray from reality." said McAnuff and then added:

"The most common question my kids do when they see me, is what car I drive. What has happened and they do not ask me how I felt when i first played football?"

"Football has become too expensive for fans. And they are those who make the sport. A ticket for our away game at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea cost 50 pounds. I know many people who are not able to give this money to watch a game."

Price of football matches in UK
2012 Season ticket prices in UK

The president of professional football players in England, Clarke Carlisle, said that salaries of players should fall while the presence of a 'salary cup' would be a very good idea, specifically to help clubs who are plagued by financial problems and are literally on the end of the cliff.

"I think that salary cup would be a very good idea and something that the authorities should see quite seriously. The more I look at the other side of football, the more I see clubs on pretty dire straits. I truly believe that football should begin to sustain itself financially, as well as clubs. Companies that were in the same financial position as of clubs in any other sphere of life would disappear."

"We see that in leagues below the Premier League, limit their roster and offer increasingly smaller contracts in relation to the previous year. It seems that most clubs pay more attention to what is done for the financial piece to ensure their future, hoping not to go where Portsmouth, Leeds and Luton fall in recent years. I think this project should be taken seriously."