The 'bottle' final at 1968

The "Bottle Final" 1968: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

If you watched the rematch of Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, you probably heard the words "Bottle Final". This is about the last time that Barcelona conquered the title at a rematch in Real Madrid home. Of course, this match didn't take the specific title for this reason.

The story

In 1968, the final of Copa del Generalisimo, known as Copa del Rey, held at Santiago Bernabeu.

The trouble had started a few days before the match, with the appointment of the referee. Real had protested about the choice of Antonio Rigo, who was whistled 13 out of 30 matches of Barcelona in that season and every game of the Cup, including a semi-final against Atletico Madrid.

The stadium was overcrowded but things did not start as they wanted to. In the 6th minute, Barcelona scored. This was meant to be the only goal of the match, crowning Barcelona as the Cup Winner.

Real protested vigorously for two penalties that not given to Amanthio and Serena, but nothing changed.

The supporters of Real, could not believe that they had to see Barcelona players lifting the cup in home, and also angry about the referee, began throwing glass bottles on the field!

Real madrid fans at 1968

The trophy, however, given to the winners, but after the «final de las botellas», bottles banned in Spanish stadiums.

Referee's opinion

Several years later, two years before his death in 2007, the referee of the match, Rigan, spoke to «AS» for the famous final and the impact it had on his life and career, and the rumored preference in Barcelona:

"No, I was not a fan of FC Barcelona and I am not now neither. Especially after the final of 1968, I became more "antimadridista", rather than a fan of Barcelona. However, there was a reason for this, since I saw that Real's 'hand' was long enough and created problems. On the occasion of the "Bottle Final", Real filed a formal complaint against me and this happened then with 7 other teams. I think the majority did so because they were essentially annexes Real and accept commands...

This final was never finished for me and its consequences marked bad my life. Therefore I always wanted the worse things for Real Madrid."

Regarding the moments of the two not given penalties, he said: "I saw no penalty in Amanthio and Serena tried to fool me. Serena stumbled and wanted to fool me by falling to the ground."

Barca's revenge

However, Barcelona got a 'little' revenge 25 years later. In a rematch of the 1993 Super Cup at Camp Nou, Real Madrid got an 1-1 tie and won the trophy after the 3-1 in Bernabeu. When the players were preparing to receive the trophy, started falling objects on the field. They were forced to pick up the trophy in the locker room... with a strong police force to accompany them.

And, of course, despite the bottle bans in Spain, do not forget the other famous glass bottle that appeared later in Spanish stadiums. The one of J&B at Camp Nou aimed Luis Figo in 2002...