We want our Arsenal back

The fans awake: The Black Scarf Movement

The fans awake. Some may consider them like mindless beings, but the reality challenges the stereotypes that many have turned into definitions. A big example is what happens to Arsenal, where the 'Black Scarf Movement' reacts to the way the owners of the club work.

The image of Arsenal this season so far, can be described by a single adjective: Inconsistent. Arsene Wenger faces the stringent criticism after his 16-year presence in the team. Opinions differ. Others ask him to leave, others still support him, believing that it he is able to reverse the bad image of the team.

The fans of Arsenal embodied in the Black Scarf Movement can come from both fronts, but what unites them and what constitutes their main goal, is their opposition for the way the club operates from the owners.

The unstable and moderately competitive presence of Arsenal is not their problem. Besides, that's football. A team has it's own circle, some seasons perform bad, some not.

The real problem for fans, is that the team administration encounter them like customers for the sake of profit.

"We're not a group that organizes protests and marches because our favorite team does not win trophies. Our opposition has nothing to do with what happens on the pitch, although we are unhappy when we lose, as any fan for his team.

We are not a group that wants the departure of Wenger. We are all fans of Arsenal who have spent good and rough times, but always support the team both at home and away matches." is written in their official website.

The Black Scarf Movement was born in late 2009 when several fans of Arsenal realized that the club is trying to take advantage of their loyalty to the team.

The black scarf movement

The increasing ticket prices (higher in the Premier League) amid the economic crisis, the hesitation in transfers (despite the remarkable profits of the club) and the "capitalist" way that Arsenal is run by persons which are paid hefty salaries and bonuses, are the reasons who made those healthy minded Arsenal fans to create this movement and go on the road.

The Black Scarf Movement has no leaders. All Arsenal fans who participate in it are equal and what unites them is their love for the club. The first protest was held a few weeks ago before the home game with Swansea. Starting from a neighborhood pub in North London, went ahead of Arsenal's old stadium (Highbury) and finally stopped at Emirates.

"We carry out this protest in order to raise some questions, but when we get in the stadium, we will 100% support our team. We want to get answers to some things going on in our club. Once there is enough money available for signings, why they are not being spent and who is responsible for this policy? If there is no money, we want to learn what happened to them.

Arsene Wenger poster

We, as fans, pay the most expensive tickets than any other team in England. My personal opinion is that Wenger is partly responsible, but we do not want to express our opposition to Wenger. Our opposition has to do with how the club is run." said Kelvin Meadows, spokesman for the Black Scarf Movement.

With slogans such as "Where has our Arsenal gone", "We want our Arsenal back" and "Arsenal is nothing without its fans", the Black Scarf Movement will organize more marches and rallies to support all friends of Arsenal and defend their interests.

"Our goal is also to achieve a reduction in ticket prices, to make them affordable for all fans of Arsenal. We want to ensure that our support to the team will not be sidelined because of high ticket prices. Several fans in recent years have stop coming to the stadium because of the expensive tickets. We do not want this to happen. The club must not see the fans as money."

If you want to support the movement, join the official page of Black Scarf Movement on facebook.