Racism: The "thorn" of British football


While efforts to reduce racism in British football has brought many positive changes, racism remains a significant problem which needs to be solved.

This conclusion is the result of a recent survey conducted by the competent committee of the House of Commons in response to concerns raised after incidents like those of Suarez, Evra, John Terry and Ferdinand.

MP John Whittingdale, who had the role of chairman in that investigation, said: "Recent incidents of racist abuse in Britain reveal that there are still significant problems."

Last December, the Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was punished with a penalty of exclusion for eight matches, £40,000 fine from the Football Association and was found guilty of racist behavior towards Patrice Evra of Manchester United.

A few months later, the former England captain John Terry stripped of the categories of racist behavior towards his colleague Anton Ferdinand.

Anton Ferdinand avoided shaking hands with John Terry after accusations of racism in the game last season
Anton Ferdinand avoided shaking hands with John Terry after accusations of racism

The cases of racism made ​​it's appearance in football is not confined to Britain. In the recent European Championships held in stadiums of Ukraine and Poland, Croatian Football Federation was punished with 80.000 euros because the fans of their national team shouted racist slogans about Mario Balotelli.

The report that prepared by the Committee of Culture, Media and Sports, concludes that the behavior and atmosphere at football matches "had changed significantly from the decades of 1970 and 1980 when the racist and other behaviors were commonplace."

Several initiatives and charitable organizations such as 'Show Racism the Red Card' have contributed to the decline of racism in the streets, online and in stadiums.

"We believe the FA should take the initiative and be a model for everyone. From the football authorities, until all levels of amateur football." said John Whittingdale.

MP Steve Rotheram, who is a member of the Committee of Culture, Media and Sports, believes that poor representation of national teams on the boards of many English teams does not help in the fight against racism.

Evra vs Suarez
The FA punished Liverpool's Luis Suarez for racist abuse of Manchester United's Patrice Evra

"Some boards are composed only of white men with the result that there are a variety of views. Both coaches in the Premier League and Championship is almost all white so there is a glass ceiling which needs to be broken."

The chairman of Professional Footballers Association, Clark Carlisle hopes that people in the upper stages of football will give high attention to this report.

"Now we have this voice that does not come from the world of football, so let's hope that it will be heard by the football industry. It is very encouraging because it means that there should be a progress from now on."

According to the report, homophobia may be a bigger problem in football than any other form of discrimination. The Committee proposes to run a campaign which will aim to demonstrate the devastating effects of the use of homophobic language and behavior.

FIFA and UEFA must take responsibility and make smart moves to fight racism...

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