Little Gabriel: Something more than one child...

Gabriel Muniz

Not long ago, the story of little Gabriel toured all over the world. For those who don't know, the 11 year old Brazilian is not like other peers.

Specifically, is a child with special needs, as he has no legs to walk, not feet, but that didn't stop him to take part in the Barcelona camp in Brazil.

Little Gabriel not only participated normally with other kids of his age, but thanks to his talent, he stood out, causing the admiration even of Deco who was present and saw him.

"For us, the ball is the main protagonist and that means that the kids have fun, because that's what they want. The only thing we have done is to let him play and have fun playing football." explained the Academy's boss.

Recently, at the London Olympics we admired Oscar Pistorious, the first athlete with double below-knee amputations, to be involved at 400 feet, thrilled the world with his efforts.

It is too early to say whether we will see once Gabriel to become the first professional footballer with disabilities. It matters only a little to him at this moment.

The little Brazilian took the chance and did what many kids of his age want to do: play football. Despite his congenital problems, Gabriel did not set aside his love and passion for football, but he made himself as an example of strength and will to all other people with similar problems.

If he will be sometime a professional footballer depends on many factors. The gift that he does to himself and to us is probably larger: the passion, the love and devotion of this 11 year old boy, is the best lesson he can give us...

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