Keep Cardiff Blue

Cardiff City logo before and after

We have all heard or read tales and stories with dragons, more or less. In most, if not all, the end is perfect and always the hero is the winner and the evil dragon humiliated.

Unfortunately, the same does not happen in reality...

Fans of Cardiff, the only non-English team which have won the FA Cup, on May 27 2010 heard that the majority of the shares of the group fell into the hands of Malaysian businessman Chan Tien Ghee. They were celebrating, thought that their beloved team will emerge from disrepute in recent years and will be again a protagonist.

They didn't think wrong.

The new owner really threw a lot of money to the group bringing players such as Craig Bellamy, while Cardiff started to perform well in Championship. Also, last year reached the final of the League Cup, where defeated on penalties by Liverpool.

Chan Tien Ghee: Cardiff chairman
Chan Tien Ghee. Today's Cardiff chairman

The decision, however, who took the new owner of the team, did everyone to feel embarrassed.

The Malaysian businessman decided to change the traditional blue color of the team and the emblem, which depicts a swallow.

This year, Cardiff appear with red colors, and the logo has the form of a dragon! The Symbol and colors that the team had since 1899, was sacrificed on the altar of profit, marketing and advertising.

This decision meant to cause reactions that break the boundaries, not only in the city but in the entire country.

A great example is a banner that stretched by the followers of Helsingborg, showing their solidarity to the fans of Cardiff.

Keep cardiff blue Helsingborg fans

Unfortunately, so far nothing has changed... The dragon, armed with the money, not the flames, managed to beat the traditional blue swallow...

We hope this will be only temporary. Besides, when the years pass, the fans forget about victories, defeats, players, agents and coaches. What remains and the fans always love, are the symbols and history of their team...

Cardiff city supporters formed the 'Keep Cardiff Blue' campaign to aim for the restoration of the club’s historical identity.

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