It's not about glory, It's money...

Carlos Slim

There are several times where one businessman of questionable ethics and practices, enters into a football club. It is also several cases of using the team for his own profit, and then, having stopped bothering, leaving the team to it's fate. A similar case has emerged in Mexico, with a 'Media tycoon' businessman, Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim, Mexican businessman and... philanthropist, is the richest man in the world in 2012. Currently heads of Telmex and America Movil companies, which are active in telecommunications. In September 2012, America Movil bought the 20% of Grupo Pachuca, which owns the Mexican clubs Pachuca and Club Leon.

Of course, the entry of Carlos Slim in football events, caused excitement in fans, who saw their teams to develop a new face. However, their expectations were wrong. Slim does not have much interest for football. Dealing with sports, but he loves baseball, boxing and motor sports. His decision to take part on Mexican football had to do primarily with the decision to change the facts on the television of the country.

His company, Telmex, trying to pull a license to go live in Mexican television since 2006, but has met with concerted opposition of Televisa and TV Azteca, the two major channels of the country who do not want to open the market. In response, Slim withdrew all advertising from the channels in 2011. Only for Televisa, the losses amounted to $75 million. It was time for the second hit, a few days after his arrival in Grupo Pachuca.

Carlos Slim announces the agreement for Pachuca and Club Leon
Carlos Slim in his announcement for Pachuca and Club Leon

Until this year, the 18 teams competing in the first league of Mexico had agreements with Televisa and TV Azteca for their TV rights. Anyway, they have an opinion within teams, since both have bought shares in football clubs.

However, Club León was not satisfied with the contract that given from TV Azteca and shortly announced that signed for next season with Fox Sports. This created a gap in the monopoly of the two domestic companies. The same movement is expected to be followed next year by Pachuca, while Atlantic and Monterey already thinking the same.

At the same time, Carlos Slim offers all home matches of Club Leon live from UnoTV, a company that streams online through Internet.

It is therefore clear that Slim is not interested in Pachuca and Club Leon. In every such movement, there are hidden business plans. If he find out that his business is not performing well, he will just jump off the 'ship', ignoring the future of his football clubs...

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