How to open a betting account online

How to open a betting account online

Decide where to bet first

The first and basic step you will need to do if you want to bet on the internet is to decide which company to sign up with. There are hundreds of online betting companies around the world. In most countries there is a legal framework for online betting.

Select a company that meets your personal criteria and preferences. For many players, the process of choosing a company seems lengthy, and for beginners may be terrifying. But the reality is different, as Betshoot offers you reliable and comprehensive reviews of online betting offers, so you have all the necessary information.

You can find here reviews of the best and most reliable legal online betting companies worldwide and select the one that suits you. The system displays automatically the bookmakers that are accepting players from your country, using your IP address.

In the selection process, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each company (odds, sports range, special bets offered, promotions, 24-hour support, etc.).

You need to have full knowledge of it's terms and regulations, what is applicable to transactions, ways of depositing - withdrawals, charges, payout times, minimum and maximum bet amounts and other important information.

Most online companies also have the incentive to sign up bonuses. The selection criteria of the Bonus are the terms that accompany it (rollover requirements, returns, time to achieve desired wagering, etc). The way you want to make a deposit, should be also an important criteria when choosing a company.

Registration process

In order for a player to bet with a betting company it is necessary to have previously opened an user account.

Registering and opening an account is a simple process and can be done within a few minutes. Of course, a computer with internet connection (or a mobile phone with internet access) is necessary.

At every betting company home page, there is the "Join Now" or "Register Now" text link/banner that you must click to proceed. It is worth mentioning that the corresponding field in each betting company is in a prominent position, either at the top of the page and right or left.

Clicking "Register" or "Join", opens the corresponding registration form where you will need to fill in your exact personal details.

In these fields you fill in the corresponding information. As a first name, you must state what is shown at your identity card and not a minor name. The city and address fields need to be added to the permanent home address, after which you will be prompted to prove it later during the identification stage.

Your date of birth must also be correct, since, under the law, betting is illegal for people under 18 (or in some counties 21) years of age. The email address you declare must be active, as you may receive an email containing a link to activate your account. Last but not least, some companies are asking for a mobile phone number (perhaps also a home phone number) for identifying the data or possibly retrieving a forgotten password in the future.

The next step is to fill in your account / login details: username and password. It is common for most companies to have some specific limitations when choosing your password. It is possible that there is a minimum and a maximum of characters (usually 7 or 8 to 12), the existence of a capital letter or the existence of numbers and symbols ($, #, %, !, ?, etc). The password you choose should not be obvious (birthday, phone number, etc.).

Use some password with a degree of difficulty and do not share it with others. The password is strictly personal and the company will never ask you to disclose it in any kind of communication.

You will may be asked to answer one or more security questions (favorite team, mother's maiden name, favorite sport, etc). It is important to remember the answers you give, cause you will be asked for these by the customer support of the company if you need to retrieve a forgotten password.

Instead of security questions, some bookmakers, like Bet365, ask you to fill in and remember a four digit security number. Fill in your favorite four digit number, and do not forget it, cause you will need it if you ask something from live chat or customer support.

You may be asked to fill in correctly the characters in the captcha field. Note that if a capital letter appears, it should be filled in as a capital letter in the field.

You may also have the option of selecting a currency (Euro, Pound Sterling, Dollar), choosing how to display odds (decimal, fractional, US, etc.), subscribe via email, sms, mail for offers, newsletters etc.

It should be noted that if the registration form opens in steps, the process is the same, just after completing each required field, click on the "Next".

Usually the last step is where you should choose to accept the terms and conditions of the company. Before you do, it's important that you read the terms and conditions to know them, in case of possible future disagreements or demands of the company towards you and vice versa.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you have substantially completed the opening of your betting account. You can deposit and bet, but prior to any withdrawal, you will have to verify your identity. We will describe this step later.

Bonus codes

Some companies may have an optional fill-in field for a sign-up bonus code. Here are some bonus codes offers for new betting accounts:

William Hill

AU200 - $200 for Australian players.

DE100 - €100 for German players.

ITA100 - €100 for Italian players.

SVWH - 1000KR for Swedish players.

ES100 - €100 for Spanish players.

CAD100 - $100 for Canadian players.

Visit William Hill ►


DEPBON26 - 15% deposit bonus up to €200.

Visit SBObet ►


FD200 - 50% of the first deposit up to €200.

Visit 10bet ►

Identity verification procedure

Account identification is a necessary process and is required by all companies. The identification process is known internationally with the term "KYC" (Know Your Customer) and companies request it under the laws of each country and the regulators.

The possible documents you will be asked to complete the identification are:

- Proof of age / identity with photo (ID or driving license or your passport).

- Proof of permanent residence address. Acceptance of public utility bill (mobile phone, Internet, power, gas, etc.), which should have been issued within the last 3 months.

- Proof of payment depending on how you deposit. (front and back side of debit / credit card, Neteller card, Skrill card).

In order to withdraw funds from your betting account, you must complete the verification process. The method to be withdrawn should be the same as the deposit method. For example, if you made a deposit with Skrill, your take-over will necessarily be to the same e-wallet.

Of course there are exceptions, for example Paysafecard, as withdrawals made from deposits using this method are only made by bank transfer (wire transfer). Anyway, some online betting companies are able to allow you to have different deposit and withdraw method.


Betting on the internet nowadays is safe and very easy. You do not have to be terrified when you are about to open a betting account online. There is really many benefits for your pocket and for your enjoyment.

For more reasons to select and bet on the internet instead of betting to your local street bookies, we will come back with a new blog post soon. Enjoy!

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