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Image taken from profile of user PatrickBateman. Check also Alcuni, a great bettor for French Ligue 2 and Mrgol, who has an amazing record.

Avoid Fraudsters

Among the various betting pages, you will find many fraudsters. They are on Facebook, Twitter, or at some bad looking websites. Sites with flashy letters, "100% guaranteed profit" badges, and funny things like that.

They are self-interested in themselves and looking for beginners in betting. They target those who seek winnings, or young guys who believe that every match is fixed.

They start with repeated "ads" of their "successes". Later, they ask for various sums of money to reveal "sure" or "100% fixed" picks.

Those fraudsters survive due to the large pool of easy-to-play players. The victims don't wonder why all these people selling their "sure" games. If those were sure, they could place bets on their own and make a fortune from those.


Half of those fraudsters use fake screenshots of high stake winning combos. They post fake receipts of bookies and fake screen from Bet365 bet history.

Most of those fake screens include games with high odds. Half-time/full-time bets, or special bets with high odds.

This is made to make the readers believe that they know more things than them. Or to make them believe that they know about "fixed" matches.

In reality, they don't even know which league the teams play.

Follow the media, but not blindly

You have to understand that sports betting relies on information. Many newspapers and websites provide information and betting predictions. This doesn't mean that anyone who writes or talks for betting knows more than you.

The relationship between a betting writer and a reader can't be blind.

Of course, there have been seasons in which many people became popular. They gained a reputation for their correct predictions. But in the long run, those who followed them understood they weren't impressive. At least not as good as the glory that accompanied them.

betting radio show

It's normal not to have the free time to check every league and game. News, injuries, stats, head to head, and things like that.

You will have the need to search for ready information or picks. Some newspapers, betting authors, radio or TV betting shows, will help you. All these processes need a lot of time and effort.

You have to identify those who know specific facts in a match that has escaped your personal study. If you identify someone who does this, mark him. Read his articles or listen to him on the radio, and follow him. But not blind.

An author or columnist should serve as a source of information and advice. Blind obedience shouldn't exist for the football matches he proposes.

In our history of betting, we saw different varieties of players. We can assure you that the best players aren't into radios or newspapers.

Filter them to your logic

Every newspaper, radio, and TV program prides itself on its successes. This is done to attract the audience. It's the new wave of "successful" advertising. Brain-washing.

Players think that a columnist deals with this work from morning until night. That he has more knowledge and experience than himself. So he is more "sure" to trust the expert's choices than his own.

A selection of picks by the "experts", can lead to disastrous results. The cause isn't that the columnists for betting are irrelevant to the object.

It's because they are also players, with their good and bad periods. Their blurred and clear mind, their developed or dormant instinct.

use your brain

By following their choices without going through your own filters, you put your money on top of their logic.

Noone is one better than your own personality. Find or build your own personality, it exists.

Even with ready tips from others, filter them. Use your mind and judge under your own logic if the tip is good or not.

Seek for internet top bettors with proofs/records

On the internet, everyone can set his own page. You can find good, average and bad bettors. The way to solve the sickness is to follow them with logic.

Filter out those who have a long-term and stable predictive ability. Those who explain their picks in such a way that you are confident that they play right.

betting records

The lack of education is obvious by the fact that anyone can declare himself a good bettor. Without proof!

Every bettor who seems to be good, carrying with him a certified record. Detailed data on his successes and failures, his good and bad periods. Of course the overall profit percentage.

Many betting sites are giving those records for every user. Check their stats, the leagues they are successful, and the long-term profit.

Don't check for bettors on websites with no records, or with a short history. They celebrate their success and they hide their successive failures.

Try them out with patience and plurality

Before you trust a bettor and follow what he writes, you should first try him out. With a one-and-a-two-week option, you will have a false impression of his value.

It's a job that can seem boring, but it gives valuable information for everyone's betting. If you want to trust your money in some people's choices, check some basic criteria. Don't deal with what other people saying for how good they are.

As soon as you follow a bettor, you should be with him both in good and in difficult times. You shouldn't be affected by his good or bad periods.

He is your "partner". You have checked and you accepted that he knows some facts better than you. So, you have to trust him.


You shouldn't trust one or two top sports bettors in the world. Build a portfolio of top bettors and follow them, choose at least five.

Be careful that their choices don't overlap a lot. The more varied they are in the leagues they choose, the risk for a general bad period is reduced.

A portfolio based on selections from many bettors has a low chance of damage. It is difficult to find all together in a bad period.

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