Hillsborough 1989

Hillsborough : The truth - 23 years after

Twenty-three years, 8,551 days. This is the time elapsed from 15 April 1989 until today. Throughout this time, the official version of the tragedy of Chilsmporo was as follows:

In the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives and dozens of others were seriously injured, with some of them to remain paralyzed for the rest of their life. Responsible for the tragedy was partly the police (not acted as it should), but then, according to press reports and official reference of Lord Taylor, who investigated the case, the burden fell to fans.

Some of them were drunk, others had no ticket, arrived late at the stadium and entered for free. The violent and delinquent behavior of hooligans that led 96 people in a horrible death, among the thousands who were 'pressed' in that fateful gate. The dead themselves were largely responsible for their deaths, along with other hooligans, who caused the tragedy, they killed their own fans, but escaped. 23 years passed and throughout this time, this was the officially accepted truth. Before 3 days, the results of an independent commission released, which made to investigate the 400,000 secret documents. The conclusion of the committee first announced at the families of the victims and then came into the hands of press and the Prime Minister of England, David Cameron.

The truth is now as follows:

The fans do not have any responsibility for the tragedy. Nobody was drunk, no one has entered for free, no one had any kind of violent or delinquent behavior that caused or contributed to the accident. The responsibility for the tragedy belongs 100% to the police, who first took the wrong decision to open an exit gate and send the mass of the crowd in the main grandstand at the gate, while the sides were half full, ready to welcome the world there and then did almost nothing to help. The sad thing is that today's undeniable revelations do not stop there. The issue is not only the formal acceptance that the fans had not the slightest responsibility. The issue is that it turned out (with elements that do not fit any doubt), what the families of the victims screamed for 23 years: there was a clear plan, a clear conspiracy in order to forget every responsibility that the authorities had and to construct a 100 % false version that will make everyone believe that Hillsborough was another case of hooliganism.

Liverpool fans at Hillsborough
Tragedy: 96 Liverpool fans died in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989

As the prime minister of England said in parliament, senior police officers deliberately altered the speeches of 164 ordinary policemen who were that day in the stadium. One hundred sixty four evidences, saying things as they were, were altered before they reach the hands of Lord Taylor. They completely removed 116 paragraphs, describing the police failings and explained that by the time the tragedy began, there was no coordinated action that could save lives.

It turned out that the forensic surgeon said that everyone was killed on 3.15 (The match started at 3:00). He did it on purpose, so no research done to prevent omissions and mistakes made after that point, so that no evidences picked up on what happened after 3.15. The families of the victims heard what they were shouting for many years. That many of the dead people were still alive at 3.15. The numbers speak for themselves: Of the 96 deaths, 59 could have been saved by a simple and basic medical assistance. But they feft to die. The only help was that of the other supporters who used the advertisement billboards as stretchers, and tried in vain to save those who suffered. Only two ambulances entered the stadium. Two of the 42 ambulances were rushing out of Hillsborough. The other 40, never entered the stadium, because no one gave such an order, because "It's only fans trouble inside and nothing else." And we're not done yet.

The size of the conspiracy does not stop here. The medical examiner took blood samples from all dead, even by children aged 12, 13, 14 years. They wanted to prove that drunk hooligans was the cause of the tragedy. For those who had not a trace of alcohol in their blood, the current evidence says that the police searched their criminal record to find anything that fits the desired profile of the "rioters caused a tragedy." All reports of senior police officers arrived at the hands of Lord Taylor said the same thing: drunk hooligans, without tickets, murderers. And we're not done yet.

There could be no such conspiracy and distortion of reality without the contribution of press. Almost all newspapers were writing for fans who attacked the ambulances, acting with vandalism and caused the crash, and also that they tried to stop any rescue procedures!

Hillsborough tragedy
An injured fan receiving attention on the pitch

All this, is the Truth that got the official confirmation of the Prime Minister of England. All this, is the Truth who shouted so many years, the families of victims. There can be no doubt anymore, nobody can say anything else. Now, the police department of the city apologized that they accepted to hide the truth, alteration of policemen speeches and the 'promotion' of false events.

For 23 years, the relatives and friends of the dead and injured fans, were searching for justification. Around this time, they were told that they will not succeed, that will never be acknowledged anything, nor will be able to force them to admit the evidence and conspiracy lies. For 23 years, carrying the cross of the loss of their loved ones, had to endure the unthinkable: the public, fans of other teams to tell them that there is no conspiracy and the only thing that exists is the responsibility of hooligans who siblings killed.

Fans of United, chanted for many years that "You killed your own fans, murdering bastards, 96 were not enough"...

Within this climate, the families of victims were trying to obtain attention. Today they said that they arrived at the end of a route: cleaned up, once and for all, the names of the dead and the names of the rest of the teams.

But the question remains: who staged this whole conspiracy, who ordered the cover-up? Can not be easily accepted that the only motive was the effort of senior police of a small town to save their own ass...

hillsbourough memorial
A general view of the Hillsborough Memorial outside Liverpool's Anfield Stadium today.

Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, told everything clearly. Only one name did not came out of his mouth. the name of 1989's Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Today we learned that she had expressed in Parliament her concerns about "how negative were the police at Hillsborough's tragedy."

"Expose the lies before Thatcher dies", wrote a banner appeared quite a lot at Anfield.

The families will continue their struggle for accountability. But they will deal mainly with those who built all these lies and hide the truth, not with those who their criminal negligence has ended so many lives. Errors and omissions can be accepted, but the deliberate denigration and organized crime, no.

Their announcement is a clear title: "We have the truth, now we want justice."

For some, the punishment has already come. The police officer that day, he who bore the burden of mistakes, but the cover-up, first he lost his job, and after he saw his marriage to fall apart. Drowned in remorse for what happened in 1989, 2004 saw him trying to commit suicide with a bomb made ​​by him when he was incarcerated in a high security psychiatric clinic...