Giacinto Facchetti : The first full-back 'striker'

Giacinto Facchetti

Giacinto Facchetti was a 'giant' of Italian football. From the early '60s until the late '70s left his mark in Italian football.

In an era where football in Italy was characterized as overly defensive and cynical, Facchetti stood out as an adventurous player.

His capabilities exceeded the strict coaching systems. He had the heart of a striker, a position which he began his career.

Facchetti became famous as he was one of the greatest attacking full backs, a competitor to Inter's Argentine coach Helenio Herrera.

Herrera perfected a formation based on a tough defensive line and Facchetti, was the "key" of this formation, with a touch of aggressiveness.

Facchetti had the freedom to promote and play as an additional striker, whenever conditions allowed in the match. His goals became a habit when playing with Inter.

He began his career with his hometown team Trevigliese. The power, speed and his ability, made ​​him a promising striker and good enough to sign with Inter, with the potential to develop into a scorer.

Bobby Moore with Giacinto Facchetti at 1973
1973: Bobby Moore with Giacinto Facchetti

The European acclaim

Giacinto Facchetti debuted at Inter in 1961. Inter appeared in European football scene as the team that could challenge the mighty Real Madrid.

Real monopolized the titles in Europe, however, the years passed and was vulnerable to those groups who wanted to take the reigns. Inter was one of them.

In 1963, Faccetti won his first championship and the next year he played in the final of the Champions League.

In the final of the Champions Cup in 1964 in Prater, Vienna, the "legends" of Real Madrid defeated by the Italians and their speed on counterattacks. Facchetti was man of the match and Inter won 3-1.

The next year, Inter defended it's title. The most difficult team on the path to the final was Liverpool. Inter lost 3-1 at England in the first game of the semifinals of the tournament, with the chances of qualification to fall dramatically.

In San Siro, Inter overturned the predictions by winning 3-0 with Faccetti at the third goal. The 1964/65 season was the culmination of Inter dominance in Europe. The final was set to be in Inter's home.


On 27 May, a rainy night, won against Benfica and voted the best European team for second consecutive year.

Facchetti goal against Liverpool was one that established him as a great player. In 476 appearances in Serie A scored 60 goals.

The period 1965/66 he scored 10 goals in 32 appearances. He played with Italy 70 times, 94 as captain. He won four Italian championships and two European Champions cups. In all competitions scored 75 goals, a stunning performance for defensive player at the time.

Italian legend

Facchetti's influence in the Italian football is not limited to counting the trophies he won.

From the mid-60s he was the most important figure of Calcio football and the undisputed leader of the national team.

Even in difficult times maintained his composure and dignity to lead his teammates to success inside and off the pitch.

In his career he was expelled only once for an ironic applause to the referee.

His heart belonged to Inter. When he quit from football, continued to offer his services to his favorite team from various posts before reaching the position of Chairman in 2004.

Giacinto Facchetti won the respect of all Italian football fans by won many honors in his career. After retirement from the stadiums, Inter withdrew the No3 t-shirt forever. It was a sign of respect for a great player and a popular man...

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