Football: The dominant sport in advertising

Football = Money

Maybe the Olympics can be the ultimate sports event for millions of athletes around the world, but for corporate sponsors, even the success of the recent Games in London, is small in comparison with the continued dominance of football.

Adidas, which is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after the U.S. giant Nike, was the sole member of sportswear to the London Olympics in a deal worth $162 million, for dressing 80 000 officers and volunteers, as to equip 3,000 athletes. The agreement tripled the sales and helped to boost sales in the first half by 24% in United Kingdom.

However, the German company admits that the financial returns from its commercial cooperation with the Olympics is not as high as the profits from football. Especially since the two major international tournaments of the sport, FIFA and UEFA. Huge companies, like McDonalds, Canon and sports betting companies, joined Adidas by paying large sums for the sponsorship of European Championships this summer, in order to advertise their logos to billion viewers worldwide and fans in stadiums.

"A football event has a positive impact on sales, because a company can make millions from football matches." Said the chief communicator of Adidas, Jan Runau. Also, noted that the company sold seven million "Tango 12" balls and one million German replica shirts before and during Euro 2012. Adidas predicts a global record sales in excess of; 1.6 billion from football in 2012, 23% higher than in 2008...

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