Football experience ruined by business in Spain

The defeat of Real Madrid (2-1) by Getafe last Sunday on "Alfonso Perez" revealed a fact which alarmed the managers of Spanish League.

On the stadium were less than 10,000 spectators in a game with two teams from the same city and one of the opponents was the previous year's champion, Real.

Economic crisis

The economic crisis in Spain was impossible to not affect football, despite the extraordinary growth and popularity that football has in the country.

Specifically, the phenomenon of empty grandstands were not only in Getafe vs Real Madrid. In the first two games, the attendance was 2/3 lower than the corresponding last year period.

Match scheduling at late hours

Unless economic deprivation, in Spain there is much grumbling about the scheduling of games, as the "commercial" matches start at 21.00 and 22.00 (local time), which discourages people to go to the stadium.

Last weekend was very bad, as most of the 10 games were held in completely different times in one weekend.

"The fans are 'done' with the odd hours of the matches and stayed home, while a very important reason is the financial crisis... It looks like there is a plan to empty the stadiums and they will succeed to this plan." said the newspaper of Valencia "Super Deporte".

The role of Asian television networks

Of course, the scheduling is based to expensive television rights that the league has sold to television networks in Asia and South America, which demand the big "commercial" games to take place at times that suit them...

So, until the big television networks understand that the fans and atmosphere in stadiums are integral parts of the football experience, this is not going to change. Romantics say this popular sport will become thus an expensive show that will appeal only to some.

Let's see...

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