Football and training in India

Indian childrens

India was previously a British colony, but relations with football was minimal compared with other sports such as cricket. In recent years, however, Indians love watching football especially English Premier League. Apart from this, young children are actively involved with football, participating in the academies of FIFA, which invests enough money to develop football in the country.

The International Football Federation in conjunction with the Indian Football Association, hosts football camps at Mumbai, with children who were chosen among hundreds in May. Almost all of them come from poor families in India, hoping that an eventual success in football will have an important opportunity for their life.

These kids live far away from their families, but their desire for football is so big, that they don't bother. "It's hard to live away from our parents, but we will just have to deal with it. The last time we saw them was in June. But they are proud and happy for us. They know that the future of the family depends on it." said one of the children's.

Indian children play football in Mumbai.
Indian children play football in Mumbai.

The care they receive is good with hot food, home and a valuable training of selected teachers. The main problem, however, has to do with language, since India is a country with 122 different dialects! The solution to this problem is English language, which is taught to children who do not know to adapt quickly to their new environment.

The children in the program have made ‚Äč‚Äčencouraging steps according to the head football teacher: "They have developed a very physical game as well as their technical characteristics. At first, they were not giving passes to their teammates, so i had to teach them a team play style and also when they must hold the ball or not."

The results of the children's efforts were shown in the 3-1 win against an under 19 team, despite the fact that most children involved were three to four years younger. Their dream is to one day reach the exploits of their idol, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Difficult thing, but nobody can stop their dreams...

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