FA Cup

FA Cup: The 'donor' of UK amateur teams

For several teams in the Premier League, FA Cup, the oldest football institution, is at least an unwanted break from the league. The fact that FA Cup has not the same commercial trading like other events and the fact that the cases where David beats Goliath have been reduced, are two of the main reasons why many fans claim that FA Cup has lost its glamor.

This view is not acceptable from the amateur teams that involved in FA Cup from the qualifiers rounds, and somehow the small teams support their survival in a match against one of the teams of the professional championships.

The past season was very positive for the teams that do not participate in professional categories and four clubs qualified for the third round of the FA Cup. The Conference champion Fleetwood Town, rewarded for it's excellent performance with a home match against Blackpool, Tamworth tested at home of Everton, while Wrexham defeated on penalties by Brighton.

A.F.C. Totton reached the second round by defeating Bradford Avenue and benefited from television revenues and the prize money received when the lottery brought confronted against Bristol Rovers.

The 72.000 pounds gained from the televising of matches and £ 33,500 received by Stourbridge F.C. for broadcasting the repetitive game against Plymouth are huge amounts for clubs of such level.

Although for the Premier League teams, such amounts are like a salary of a week for an important player in their roster, a good run in FA Cup is equivalent to an economic survival for amateur clubs in England.

In such a good luck hopes South Park FC, which based in Surrey (South East of England) and competed for the first time in the competition about two years ago. South Park has won five games and if have the same fate in the next home match, then the lottery can bring her against teams like Coventry or Sheffield Wednesday.

In the most recent success in the competition where prevailed against Brentwood Town FC with 3-1, had a record on attendance: 255 spectators.

South Park FC
The home ground of South Park FC

However, South Park is not the only team from a low class division that reached this stage of FA Cup. Blackfield & Langley FC, which is close to Southampton, has also won five opponents and will play away to Hastings United.

Having started their adventure a week earlier than the start of the Football League, they may encounter in the next phase the neighbor and cup holder of 2008, Portsmouth.

Whichever Blackfield & Langley or Hastings United enter into the next phase, will make history and will ensure an economic viability for another year...