EuroBasket 2013: The top 10 NBAers

EuroBasket 2013

EuroBasket 2013 is just around the corner with 28 representatives from NBA participating in the event.

The absents of this year's EuroBasket might be a lot, but again the stars will abound in the stadiums of Slovenia. Most of them originate from NBA, which counts 28 representatives in the tournament, despite the absence of Gasol, Nowitzki, Bargnani, Gallinari, Kirilenko and several Europeans aces, who decided not to participate in this year for various reasons.

The teams with the most NBAers are France and Spain (4), while only 8 of the 24 teams in the tournament will not have a representative from NBA.

Let have a quick look at the top 10 stars of NBA who will be in Slovenia for EuroBasket 2013:

1. Tony Parker (France)

Tony Parker

He won three championships with Spurs, has emerged as MVP of the NBA Finals (2007), voted five times in the top fives in the regular season and has become All Star player twice. With the French national team, however, has never got a gold medal. This year he will play the 7th consecutive EuroBasket of his career, a record number between NBAers.

2. Marc Gasol (Spain)

Marc Gasol

This is not the (absent) Pau Gasol, but his younger brother, Marc. The Center of Grizzlies played an important role in the final two medals of Spain, but this year will be the main 'figure' of the team. He has a total of 7 entries in major competitions with the National team of Spain and counts 6 medals and the 6th position in 2010 World Championship.

3. Nicolas Batum (France)

Nicolas Batum

He is part of the "golden" generation of French basketball and the next leader of the national team of France. He won two gold medals and one bronze with the Youth National team, and since 2009 is a key player of the Men's team.

4. Ricky Rubio (Spain)

Ricky Rubio

One of the top players of Spanish basketball has developed into one of Europe's best point guards. He will probably become the main "ace" of Spain, as he played for the first time in the Olympic Games of 2008 and since then missed only the 2012 Games because of a serious injury. At Slovenia, he will surely have a great role.

5. Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania)

Jonas Valanciunas

He appeared transformed in the summer league in Las Vegas, as he was a little bit more fat, but at the same time became better than last year, as he was MVP of the tournament. The center of Raptors is getting ready for a breakout year in NBA and expected to be one of the best centers in EuroBasket 2013. He's just 21 years old, but has worn the jersey of the National Lithuanian team in seven international competitions, won three gold medals and one bronze.

6. Goran Dragic (Slovenia)

Goran Dragic

Dragic is coming from his best season in NBA. With the absents of Udrih and Lorbek, he will be the player who organize the play of Slovenia. 27 years old, Dragic is at the top of his career and Slovenia will expect something more than the 11.7 points he had on average two years ago at the EuroBasket in Lithuania.

7. Jose Calderon (Spain)

Jose Calderon

The oldest of the Spaniards NBAers and one of the most faithful players of Spain. Since 1997, when he playing in the youth team of Spain, he rested only for two years, 2009 and 2010. Has participated in 13 events and in 8 of them he won medals (3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze).

8. Ersan Ilyasova (Turkey)

Ersan Ilyasova

The 26 years old Turkish citizenship is one of the best basketball players in Turkey. Ilyasova is the player who will push, mark, collect rebounds, provide power and in short, will do whatever it takes for the team to win. This of course does not happen often, since after the silver medal at the World Championships in 2010, Turkey has not finished above the 8th position in EuroBasket.

9. Alexey Shved (Russia)

Alexey Shved

The new leader of the National team of Russia is the 24 year old point guard of Minnesota, who would be charged a big role in EuroBasket. In the Olympic Games of London, scored 25 points and led his team to bronze medal.

10. Marco Belinelli (Italy)

Marco Belinelli

The absence of Italy from the scene of world basketball the last decade has made us to forget that Belinelli is one of the most talented European scorers. We will have an opportunity to watch him again, as the Italian team will have a great need, after the absences of Bargnani and Gallinari.

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