What is Draw No Bet

draw no bet

"Draw No Bet" is a betting market offered by many online bookmakers. In this market, the draw result returns the full stake back to the players. In general, a safer bet for punters.

Let's look at an example to understand this betting market better.

Let's say that Barcelona plays against Real Madrid. You think that Barcelona may win the game. At the same time, you feel that this will be a difficult task. So, a draw is possible. You can bet on Barcelona for a "Draw No Bet" (1 DNB).

  • If Barcelona wins the game, your bet is a winning one.
  • If the game result is a draw, you're getting back the money you've placed for this bet.
  • In case that Real Madrid won the match, you lose your bet.
Bookmakers also offer 0:0 Asian Handicap which is the same as DNB.

DNB Odds

The odds offer on "Draw No Bet" markets are lower, but this is reasonable. Odds calculated to hold profit from the money you bet on X for cover.

In a match with odds 2.40 – 4.00 – 2.40, "Draw No Bet" odds would be like 1.80 - Stake returned - 1.80.

Bet365 offers "Draw No Bet" to all matches. Read more to our Bet365 Rating page.

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When to use DNB

  • When you want to stake on an outsider. In this way, the value is still there.
  • Where you think the draw is quite possible. In this way, you will reduce the risk of losing.
  • If you believe to a big favorite and the favorite is losing in-play.

Draw No Bet Alternatives

If your bookmaker isn't offering that type of bet, you can bet on alternative ways.

1. Betting on draw

Play the amount you want at home or away win. Then, an extra bet on the draw of the same amount divided by the draw odds.


Available amount: 25 EUR
Match Odds: 1 (8.00) X (4.00) 2 (1.30)
Your estimated prediction: 1X

Divide your amount (25 EUR) with the odds for the draw (4.00) (25: 4.00 = 6,25 EUR).

So, you should bet 6,25 EUR on X and the rest (18,75 EUR) on 1.

In case of a draw, you're getting back all your money (25 EUR). Same as would happen with "Draw No Bet". If the result is 1, you'll get 18,75 x 8.00 = 150 EUR.

2. Asian Handicap 0

Another alternative way to place a DNB bet if it isn't available. Select an Asian Handicap (AH 0) bet οn the team you think has the best chances to win.


"Draw No Bet" is a good way for the players to protect themselves. Especially for those who have patience and want a safer kind of bet or use it as a betting strategy. Many matches ending in a draw, aren't they?

4 Responses

  1. m.o.b says:

    From my point of view, you better go with the double chance option for the team that is likely to win. Because let’s say BARCA (2.4) X (3.5) X REALM (2.4) double chance of both team will about (1.4) that means even draw has profit.

  2. Inquisitorem says:

    This betting option as a single:

    If your team wins – you win
    If it’s a draw – nobody wins (money back)
    If the other team wins – you lose

    If you’re doing multi:

    If one selection loses – the whole multi is lost
    If none lose – you get a return (determined by how many of your selections win)

    It’s a great way to bet!

  3. ANDY says:

    I can’t believe that the DNB selection seems like a new thing to some players. Other people are already familiar with this types of bets from the Asian Handicap of 0.

    It also amazes me how people that call themselves as serious bettors are not familiar with various types of handicaps and odds.

    As a serious bettor myself, I am familiar with all types of bets, odds, handicaps and bet markets.

    Because for example, DNB and AH 0 is the same exact thing.

    But often the same bookie might give little different odds.

    Hence this is how SERIOUS bettors could take advantage.

  4. Tim says:

    instead of dnb Its better to play 1x or x2.

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