Dortmund fans: Real activists and fighters

kein zwanni

For two years the fans of Borussia Dortmund have started their own protest. Followers of the German Champions clearly proclaim their request: «Kein Zwanni-fur nen Steher», which means "No 20 euros for a ticket."

The campaign has do with the topic of expensive tickets that some teams have in Bundesliga and the occasion was Hamburg. The team of northern Germany had the cheapest (!) ticket at 40 euros, causing the wrath of the fans of Dortmund.

"We urge fans of Borussia Dortmund to participate in our protest. An empty stadium with many empty seats will not go unnoticed by the media. Let's go together and unite our voices for an affordable ticket price. We may asking too much, but we hope that you will participate. Together we are strong. Let's keep football a sport for ALL people." said the title of the campaign.

In the last match between the two teams, the organized fans of Dortmund decided to refrain from the stadium and call all the fans of the team to not attend in the stadium and give back their tickets.

Result of this movement was a half-empty gate. The most impressive of all, was that around 700 Dortmund fans traveled to Hamburg (around 380 km distance), but chose to stay out of the stadium in protest for ticket prices and to sensitize the media on this issue.

dortmund fans protest

So, they raised some banners, hearing the match from the radio and shouted for their favorite team but also for the economic policy of ticket prices in Hamburg. Their main slogan? Football should remain a popular sport and prices should not exceed 20 euros.

Even more intense, was the protest at this year's match in Hamburg on Saturday, with 1000 Dortmund fans to shout: "Never 20 euros, football must stay affordable!"

Coach of Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp, before the match said "I can understand them perfectly and I think it is a very serious issue that deserves attention."

This protest, from the beginning of last season has spread to almost all groups in Bundesliga, where several times have raised the banner of their campaign.

This is how organized supporters must fight for their rights. No violence, no damages. Dortmund supporters are an 'example' to fans all over the world.

We must congratulate them and we hope that they will get rewarded with a reasonable ticket price.

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