Bruno Landgraf: A winner of life

Bruno Landgraf

Six years ago the Brazilian footballer Bruno Landgraf would see his career to end abruptly after a serious car accident that came close to deprive him and his own life. Today at 26 years, may not win the applause by kicking a ball through the field, but ... tearing waves with his participation in the recent Paralympics in London.

The accident left the 20-year old goalkeeper of Sao Paulo with severe disabilities and his vertebra had suffered great damage. It took six months in the hospital with surgical and medical supervision to his condition would improve, but football is a past since he is being confined to a wheelchair. But he did not give up his love about sports.

Bruno Landgraf in Paralympics of London 2012
Bruno Landgraf in Paralympics of London 2012

The past several years, Bruno Landgraf worked with sailing to his participation in the recent Paralympic Games in London. The participation in London raised his psychology to heaven.

"To qualify for the Paralympic Games after only three years of preparation is a great achievement for us and is something we are very satisfied. Although we did not got the result we wanted and we turn now our goal at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio where we hope to appear better." he said at the official website of FIFA.

Although the condition of his feet has improved significantly since that accident, he still need to spend several hours for physiotherapy. "I can feel my legs, but I am unable to move without assistance. Each day i follow physiotherapy program at my home or at the gym. If I will not do it for two or three days, it can affect my physical condition back one month." said Landgraf.

Bruno Landgraf Sao Paulo

Despite the difficulties encountered in the preparation, he did not appear at all pleased with his 11th and last position occupied. However at the next Paralympics, in the homeland of Brazil, will attempt to win a medal.

The football memories from that winning in the 2003 final against Spain of Fabregas and David Silva is still fresh. He remembers those days with nostalgia, but this does not affect him and his participation in the Paralympic Games in the sport of sailing gives courage to follow: "The Paralympic Games are something special, but also because they gave me the opportunity to participate again in a playing level."

Bruno has faith and hope for life and we are sure everything will be done as he wants to. He is a winner of life...

You can visit Bruno's profile on facebook and congratulate him about his efforts. Congratulations Bruno!

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