Brazuca: The name of 2014 World Cup Ball


It is fact that in today's football of commercialization and the huge sums of money spent, the fans have less and less role in what unfolds. But two years before the celebration of 2014 World Cup, Brazilian fans saw their own voice be heard.

In the country that football is worshiped as God, Brazilian fans were asked to vote for the name of the ball that will be used in the event. The International Football Federation in collaboration with Adidas, gave the opportunity to Brazilians to choose the most appropriate name for the ball of 2014 World Cup.

The three options were "Brazuca", "Bossa Nova" and "Carnavalesca". All those names were inspired by the culture of the country and for three weeks Brazilians with their vote were asked to choose one. The result was that a majority of them (70%) picked up the name "Brazuca"

The voting process was particularly impressive showing how football fans in Brazil live and breathe for football. All of them are waiting for the event in two years from now.

The choice of the name "Brazuca" is connected with the pride of Brazilian lifestyle, reflecting the way that football approached in the Latin American country, while symbolizing passion for the ball and good will. The presentation was done by the presence of one of the greatest football legends, Kafu.

FIFA management said that they're excited by the fact that the Brazilian football fans had their vote in the choice, showing once again their impatience for 2014 World Cup.

"I am very excited about the fact that Brazilian football fans had the chance to play their role and to decide on the name of the soccer ball that will be used at the World Cup. I'm sure that Brazuca will have similar success with Tango in Argentina (1978) and Aztecs (1986) in Mexico." said the secretary general of FIFA, Jerome Valcke.

Finally it is worth noting that the participation of Brazilian society in preparations for the event is not limited to voting for the name of the ball, but also for the construction of stadiums that will host all matches. A pilot program helps people who are in prison to reintegrate into society, by participating in the work on the construction of stadiums...

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