Both teams to score tips (BTTS)

Both teams to score tip

If you select YES you need at least a goal from each team to win your bet, if you select NO, you need only one or none of the teams NOT to score.

This market is now offered by almost all online bookmakers.

Smart tips for choosing BTTS bet

The form of teams, home results for the home team, away results for the away team, absences of key players from each team, with emphasis on defense and attack, weather and field conditions and also head to head history are the major factors that affect this bet significantly.

To increase your chances of winning a BTTS bet, select matches in which the teams :

- Are usually playing offensive football, they score with ease, while they also receive goals, no matter where they play, at home or away.

- Are confirming frequently the over 2.5 or over 3.5 market.

- The away team is the 'big' name and the home team is the outsider according to the odds.

Both teams to score btts
Screenshot from Ideal situation. Clyde is scoring to all home games, while they also always receiving.

Also, some more conditions that will increase your chances are when :

- There are significant absences in both defenses (ideally missing a primary goalkeeper).

- There are no significant absences in both attacking lines.

- It is a replay match where the away team has to score in order to qualify.

- The field and the weather are in a good condition.

- The time the match kicks off, early kick-offs can be dull for players.

We recommend using Bet365 or Betvictor for this kind of bets, just cause they have better odds for this market, so you will get bigger returns.

Interesting facts

- In the big five European leagues over the last five years, 52% of matches saw both teams score at least one goal.

- Only 26% of Bayern Munich matches in the 2014/15 season finished with BTTS.

- 79% of Hoffenheim matches during the 2013/14 season finished with BTTS.

- Everton had the longest run with goals from both sides, with 16 games in the 2012/13 season.

- Iceland Urvalsdeild is the league with the most goals during 2015. 60 out of 94 matches finished with BTTS (63.83%).

Leagues to watch for

- Saudi Arabia Premier
- Canada Soccer League
- Germany Oberliga (all subdivisions)
- Scotland League One
- Scotland League Two
- Denmark 2nd division (all groups)
- Netherlands Eredivisie
- Netherlands Eerste Divisie
- Iceland Urvalsdeild
- Turkey Super Lig

Many of our tipsters are recommending both teams to score bets every single day, so don't forget to check our homepage for tips.

Have fun!

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