Andy Davidson: The one-club man

Andy Davidson

A footballer who plays for the duration of his career in only one group, is very rare in modern football. However, this is not a phenomenon of our days. Even in 60's and 70's, there were not many footballers who retired from active duty having wear the t-shirt of only one football club.

Of all those great players of Leeds United who played for 15 years or more in the decades of 1970 and 1980, only Jack Charlton and Paul Madeley didn't played for any other club except Leeds United.

For this reason, the case of Andy Davidson, who had reached 520 participation's with Hull City, showing great interest. The history of Scottish football player as one-club man began on September 8, 1952 when he made his first appearance with Hull City in the attacking line.

Davidson (was a Celtic fan), came to the Hull City when his biggest brother, who was a truck driver, asked Hull to test his skills. He passed the test, joined the team and immediately proposed them to also test his brother, Andy. At the age of 16, Davidson, was traveling with the mission of the first team of Hull.

During his childhood years, Davidson suffered serious injuries, breaking his leg twice, while shortly after his debut in the first team, he broke his leg for a 3rd time. He managed to return to the fields after such a serious injury, at a time when the medicine science had not experienced the same progress like today. It is an important achievement.

Andy davidson on an old football magazine picture
Andy Davidson on an old football magazine picture

Davidson forced to retire from football at 35, after a muscle pull.

The injury came from a game at Aston Villa's home. The doctors informed him that the previous injuries had weakened the process of recovery significantly.

Davidson retired in 1967 and stayed at Hull City until 1979 as a member of the coaching staff.

At 80 years old now, goes after retirement in a small village in the west of Hull. With investments in 520 league games he managed to write his name in the history of the club, who this week will honor him on the occasion of 60 years since its debut.

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