Allsvenskan 2019 Predictions

Allsvenskan 2019 Predictions

Malmo FF

An Allsvenskan mess, but Europe success - that describes Malmo FF in 2018/2019 season. They remain the most wealthy team in the league and will surely go all in to get the title back. The hiring of German coach Uwe Roesler was probably the most important decision in recent history.

The squad is already highly competitive, and we can expect a few additions to make the team sharper. The demands are always high in Malmo, anything but an Allsvenskan title would be a failure.

Prediction: 1st
Turf: Natural


The newly crowned champions will yet again be a serious contender for the title. They won the league with an impressive 19-10-1 record in 2018. The organization is making a tremendous effort to remain sharp in their actions, such as scouting and team composition.

This is the most consistent team in Sweden who rarely drop consecutive points. It is an effective football with minimized risk-taking. AIK will have to master the art of balancing Champions League qualification while competing in Allsvenskan, which is not an easy accomplishment.

Prediction: 2nd
Turf: Natural

IFK Norrkoping

After winning the title in 2015, the majority expected Norrkoping to slowly fall back to mid-table. Instead, they have continued to remain a title challenging side and this season looks very exciting on paper. The attack looks sharp and the midfield is solid as well.

The question is only if they can cope with their retired captain and leader in defense, Andreas Johansson. If they can stand on their own feet and make their youngsters show their potential, Norrkoping can be serious title candidates.

Prediction: 3rd
Turf: Artificial

BK Hacken

The most fluid offensive team in Allsvenskan. No doubt, this is the best team on the final third with their creativity. They scored 58 goals last season and will have a similar team composition this time.

If Hacken can remain consistent on the road as well, this is a dark horse team under Andreas Alm´s guidance. Due to the fierce competition for the title, I personally see Hacken slightly short in the long run but will be an entertaining team to watch.

Prediction: 4th
Turf: Artificial

Hammarby IF

It was surprising to see Hammarby among the top teams last season. They had great momentum for a long time but dropped when it mattered the most. The consequence? - No Europa League qualifiers. Team composition wise, the player puzzle is looking interesting even though key players have left.

Hammarby have added some well-known names as well though and showing some muscle. With the highest attendance average in Allsvenskan, Hammarby will always be tough to beat at home. If they can be productive in the away fixtures, a top five position should be realistic.

Prediction: 5th
Turf: Artificial

Ostersunds FK

Not long ago, they beat Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. They later lost their core group of players and staff to bigger clubs. Ostersunds have however tried to replicate the success by hiring an English coach in Ian Burchnall. Additionally, recruiting young ambitious players from abroad to get them playing on a senior level.

The only significant loss is left back Dennis Widgren, but Osterunds have not been lazy during the transfer window and certainly added depth and sharpness, along with some wildcards (meaning, players we do not know yet but who could potentially surprise). The concept is yet to be proven, but we look at Ostersunds with curiosity.

Prediction: 6th
Turf: Artificial

Djurgardens IF

A new coaching duo in Kim Bergstrand and Thomas Lagerlof arrived from Sirius. They aim for a controlling playing philosophy, however, it will be a challenge since there has been a high player turnover. Many key players have left but several new faces arrived as well.

There is currently no core in the team, but there are financial assets in order to improve that in the coming transfer windows. Striker Buya Turay is a potential top scorer in Allsvenskan and could carry the team to a good position. However, at their current state, I expect Djurgarden to sit solidly anchored at mid-table.

Prediction: 7th
Turf: Artificial

IF Elfsborg

What used to be a team competing for the title has struggled to get results in recent seasons. They are taking a slightly different approach for the 2019 season when bringing in expertise from Portugal in terms of an assistant coach, which will also expand their scouting ability.

Elfsborg have been patient with coach Jimmy Thelin who remains as head coach despite less satisfying results. Clearly, Elfsborg are trying to be consistent and planning long term. They should be a mid-table team at their current building phase.

Turf: Artificial

IFK Goteborg

A big club with rich tradition, but similar to other clubs - the financial difficulties preventing the potential. They hired a Spanish assistant coach, who is known as the man who made Sundsvall play fantastic eye-catching football last year. Most likely, Goteborg will see a positive development curve as well.

This is the youngest squad in Allsvenskan, and if results will follow, we can expect some players attracting the eyes of bigger clubs and consequently bring profit to the club. This is currently the strategy - Sign young players, develop them and try to sell for profit - while reaching a respectable position in the league.

Rinse, recycle and repeat until they can become competitive for real again. For the time being, Goteborg will be a mid-table side while waiting for their strategy to bring the desired effect.

Prediction: 9th
Turf: Natural

Kalmar FF

Many headlines about the changes within the board of directors and internal protests among supporters. Former Malmo FF coach Magnus Pehrsson is newly appointed and is an analytic coach. Remains to see if he can pull the team together and fulfill the potential of Kalmar.

They have had a big squad turnover but at the same time become younger in general. Kalmar has lost some experience in the defense which will be their weak area going forward. A key motivator is that their best player Rasmus Elm extended his contract with the club!

Prediction: 10th
Turf: Natural

GIF Sundsvall

With limited finances, Sundsvall played perhaps the most eye-catching football in Sweden last season. Due to their Spanish influenced partnership with a third party consulting firm, the effect seen on the pitch was evident. It remains to see if Sundsvall can continue on that road.

The squad is relatively intact but will probably not be as underestimated as last season where they surprised many opponents with their comfort on the ball. They will now be an easy team to analyze for opponents, so Sundsvall will need to find other tools to remain competitive in the long run. Moreover, their key players will not stay for long. I expect a difficult season for Sundsvall.

Prediction: 11th
Turf: Artificial

Helsingborgs IF

A club with financial difficulties but have a solid core of experienced players. Andreas Granqvist at center back is an icon, a true loyal hero who gave up millions of money in Russia to come home and help Helsingborg promote. Helsingborg should realistically stay in Allsvenskan with the available squad.

The highlights will be the derbies with neighbors Malmo FF.  The first objective will obviously be to establish themselves in Allsvenskan again. Do not expect top results, but just enough to survive. A fun fact: This is the oldest squad in the league.

Prediction: 12th
Turf: Natural

Orebro SK

The loss of goals and assists in Nahir Besara, Kennedy Igboannanike, and Sebastian Ring will certainly be evident. There are greater player losses than player gains during the transfer window. The additions include Victor Prodell from Elfsborg and Martin Broberg from Odds BK, but that is about it.

More might happen through the season but by the looks of the squad, they will belong in the bottom third of the table. Axel Kjall is a young 37-year-old manager leading this team, but have only won 13 out of 43 matches while in charge.

Prediction: 13th
Turf: Artificial

IK Sirius

Their coaching duo left for Djurgardens IF, and have been replaced by the Kalmar FF icon Henrik Rydstrom who has a very short managerial career so far. He was an interim manager at Kalmar where he only won 3 of 15 matches in charge. His journey in Sirius leaves the future a bit unpredictable. He was a hard-working midfielder in his days as a player, while Sirius has normally been a "playing" side.

He can add some grit and toughness to the team philosophy, but with a limited squad, it will be a challenge either way.  They lost two center backs and a strong center forward during the transfer period. These have partially been replaced, but Sirius still remain a bottom third team. There are currently too many non-proven factors all the way from the staff to the squad.

Prediction: 14th
Turf: Natural

Falkenbergs FF

Newcomers on a charming stadium whose target will be to not relegate. They lost top scorer Chisom Egbuchulam to South Korea and Erik Parsson to OFI Crete. Together they scored 25 goals last season and leaves a big void to fill. The additions include Nsima Peter from Frej, but that is not enough attacking wise.

It is an organized team who works very hard, and they will definitely need to overperform for most of the season in order to survive. They have mainly recruited defensively during the transfer period and that is probably a wise decision.

Prediction: 15th
Turf: Natural

AFC Eskilstuna

A side who creates opinions and debate due to their history and a quick journey through the league system. Eskilstuna promoted from Superettan by winning the playoff against Brommapojkarna in dramatic fashion. They have lost some leadership and defensive ability and have the cheapest squad market value wise in the entire league.

The coach Nemanja Miljanovic does not have a lot of experience coaching on the highest level. It is a safe statement to say that AFC Eskilstuna will have to work hard and possibly over perform to stay in the league.

Prediction: 16th
Turf: Artificial

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