Advantages of Online Betting

advantages of online betting - why to bet online

It is Safe

Even nowadays there are people who fear of the idea of internet betting. Even nowadays there are people who fear of the idea of internet betting. A big percentage is not well informed about the security of internet transactions. Most of them are not familiar with the use of computers, smart phones and tablets. They should be better informed of the new standards in technology, so their phobia would go away.

98% of betting sites are now serious and reputable companies. They are regulated and licensed. They are required to follow certain strict rules by the worldwide official authorities. Worries like personal details risk and refusals in payments of winnings, are now past. Under no circumstances are happening nowadays.

If you are still worried about the rest shady 2%, yes, they do exist, but they are so easy to avoid. You only need a single google search to make sure that they hold a license from an authority. To learn more about authorities you can check our list of recommended betting sites. We propose only trusted and safe bookmakers.

Better Odds & Lines

The odds of internet companies are better than the land-based bookmakers. This is important. Betting is a game of odds and it is more than normal that the player will seek the best possible odds. At the land-based shops the players are getting fewer money in case they win, in the long term.

Imagine every bet you take at the shop the odds are 1.70, while on the internet the odds are 1.80. The final amount of potential winnings is reduced. To the Internet, you can compare odds between companies and choose the one that offers the best odds.


More Sports & Markets

The number of available markets for each game at online betting companies is huge. The player is also having the option to request a bet market that is not listed.

The same goes on for sports coverage. Land-based bookies offer the major sports, the big leagues and a few more sports. It's different online. You can bet from 2nd division of Bulgarian football till Skiing, Snooker and E-Sports. Plenty of choices, special bets, for a single event.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting on agencies is not offered to all sporting events. Also not at all times and with limited options. To the other side, there is 24/365 live betting with the online companies. The lack of comfort to the shops is also a disadvantage. Betting there instead in comfort of your own home is different.

To the internet, Live betting is coming with the simultaneous development of the game. It is an exciting process that can bring profits but also reduce losses from pre-game bets.

Live Streaming is correlated with Live Betting. Most online companies offer live coverage of many sports events every day for free. It is well known that watching a match live gives the player the opportunity to appreciate his bet.


Cash Out, Bonuses & Bet Limits

Technology has gone long way in recent years. The players are offered some top services like the Cash Out option. This gives them the option to sell their bet before the end of the match. Other services are Multi Live, where they can watch many matches from the same screen. They also can raise or lower their bet limits, something they could never do to the shops.

There are also many bonuses from each company. Welcome bonuses that are doubling your deposit, Free Bets and more promotional campaigns.


Sunday morning. It's raining outside. You read your lovely sport newspaper and you decide to bet something. Turn on your computer, login to your favorite bookie, deposit & bet. Simple as that. You don't have to make the trip to your nearest bookmaker shop, you don't need to phone or talk. You can do it at home with your socks on, in comfort, safe, convenient & fast, with no need for physical cash.

Enjoy online betting at it's best and don't worry about safety. This is a myth and is now busted. Just do not overdo it!

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  1. vik says:


    I’m a 1st timer still trying getting familiar with the tips, predictions and terminology. I must say I find this site useful and will recommend it to others. I must commend you and appreciate you effort. You are doing a good job.

    Meanwhile, I look forward to my first betting win. I just developed interest just yesterday.

    Warm regards.

  2. Yusuff Akewushola Taofeeq says:

    This is so very Nice, and it’s make sense for a new commercial Customers

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