2. Bundesliga: All first 8 teams lost their matches

A quite interesting situation was seen recently in 2. Bundesliga when all of the first eight teams have lost their matches against lower ranked sides.

Even though some teams like Koln (who is almost sure to promote and also to win the first place) might have an excuse of the lack of motive, it seems too unrealistic that the teams are losing their strength when is needed the most.

2.Bundesliga table

Image credit: Flashscore.com

For example, Hamburger SV looked like a real favorite to get direct promotion and get straight back to Bundesliga, but are recently looking like a bunch of individuals who play for the first time together.

Another round like the previous one seems quite unlikely for the next weekend, while we can't wait to see the outcomes in a league which is funny to watch towards the end.

Every May in 2. Bundesliga smells like goals, but this time predicting the winners reminds of a coin-toss.