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How to open a betting account online

How to open a betting account online

Decide where to bet first The first and basic step you will need to do if you want to bet on the internet is to decide which company to sign up with. There are hundreds of online betting companies around the world. In most countries there is a legal framework for online betting. Select a […]

Best tipsters

How to choose the best tipsters

Image taken from profile of tipster PatrickBateman Avoid Fraudsters Among the various tipsters on the internet, you will find many hidden professional fraudsters, usually in Facebook, or at some really bad looking websites with flashy letters, “100% guaranteed profit” badges, and more funny things like that. They are self-interested in themselves, mainly looking for beginners […]


No space for Rooney inside starting XI?

Their current national team manager Roy Hodgson might be having a real headache! Hodgson is probably aware that his offensive duo that scored all together 49 goals in Premiership, simply has to start the European Championship, cause simply no one can remember when the English national squad had two players who were at the top […]


Euro 2016 - England hopes

The tournament will consist of 24 national teams. Moreover, the fact that we will see groups, such as Albania, Slovakia, Iceland, Northern Ireland and Wales, playing for the first time at the European Championships, is making this year’s event even more special. Among these groups, are certainly some of the traditional strengths of Europe: organizing […]


Russia Premier League finale

Tomorrow is the last matchday in the Premier League of Russia. CSKA Rostov and Rostov playing for the title, and in the bottom of the league five teams


Man Utd: FA Cup or CL worth more?

Manchester United tomorrow have the chance to win the FA Cup title against Crystal Palace. If they will manage to make it, will this be enough to save their very bad season?


Italy Serie B Finale 2016

The end of the regular season tonight in Italy Serie B, with many open cases for the promotion playoffs and the relegation play-outs.

Premier League transfers

The most wasteful teams of Premier League

The January transfer window is in progress, but for Premier League nothing special happened, except rumors. Rumors say that Manchester United will have an intense period in order to improve the climate that exists in the team, but we are still waiting. Let’s take a look at the five most wasteful teams in the magic […]

Dobri Bulgaria Blind Fan

Bulgaria embraces a blind football fan

Dobri (21 years old) from Bulgaria, is a devoted fan of CSKA Sofia but is not a classic case of a fan. He is blind and currently living his dream… A friend of him decided to make a surprise and in cooperation with a television show, managed to help Dobri to attend a match of […]

Pep Guardiola

The law of Pep Guardiola

“The challenge is not to get to the top but to stay there.” This saying fits perfectly in the cases of David Moyes and Pep Guardiola, on last year’s champions Manchester United and Bayern Munich respectively. Indeed, about the case of David Moyes, there are already many critics questioning his coaching aspirations and doubt if […]