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bet365 bet builder explained

Bet365 Bet Builder Feature

Their newest feature might not be a game changer in the industry, but is surely raising interest and will add additional thrill and excitement to their customers. It’s obvious that “request a bet” market has become popular in previous years and bet365 now stands out as the first bookmaker to make an effort in order […]

World Cup 2018 preview

World Cup 2018 Preview

Russia – Hosts under pressure Headed by Stanislav Cherchesov, the Russians have high hopes of making a positive impact on their home soil. Host nations of major tournaments usually show difficulties to handle pressure. But it can also be success stories such as World Cup 2002 in South Korea. Or it can turn out to […]

Cash Out in betting

What is Cash Out in betting

This option is generally used in two cases. When your bet wins and when the bet loses. If your bet is about to win, your bookie proposes you an amount less than the original profit. This makes your bet secure, as whatever happens next to the game, your winnings are a guarantee. If your bet […]

advantages of online betting - why to bet online

Advantages of Online Betting

Over the years, more and more people are trusting online betting companies. The benefits of online betting are a lot. Let’s dig further and see many reasons why you should bet online and bust some myths. Is it Safe? Even nowadays there are people who fear the idea of internet betting. A big percentage is […]

Both teams to score tip

Both teams to score tips (BTTS)

If you select YES you need at least a goal from each team to win your bet, if you select NO, you need only one or none of the teams NOT to score. This market is now offered by almost all online bookmakers. Smart tips for choosing BTTS bet The form of teams, home results […]

How to open a betting account online

How to open a betting account online

Decide where to bet first The first and basic step you will need to do if you want to bet on the internet is to decide which company to sign up with. There are hundreds of online betting companies around the world. In most countries there is a legal framework for online betting. Select a […]

best tipsters

How to choose the top bettors

Image taken from profile of user PatrickBateman Avoid Fraudsters Among the various betting pages on the internet, you will find many fraudsters. They are usually on Facebook, Twitter, social media, or at some bad looking websites. Sites with flashy letters, “100% guaranteed profit” badges, and more fun things like that. They are self-interested in themselves […]

Pep Guardiola

The law of Pep Guardiola

“The challenge is not to get to the top but to stay there.” This saying fits perfectly in the cases of David Moyes and Pep Guardiola, on last year’s champions Manchester United and Bayern Munich respectively. Indeed, about the case of David Moyes, there are already many critics questioning his coaching aspirations and doubt if […]